7 effective Blogging Styles you need to adopt!

7 effective Blogging Styles you need to adopt!

Blogging is an effective marketing strategy which doesn’t cost much compared to the other marketing tactics online. But not just blogging is effective. Blogging with purpose is effective in driving traffic, gaining better ROI, and generating conversions.

7 effective Blogging Styles you need to adopt!

The above graph clearly shows how blogs with purpose are doing better than that of the blogs which are just putting up content without any intent.

The first thing you need to figure out is what you want to blog about? It is quite simple for brands. They just need to identify their purpose, the product they are selling, what type of audience they want to target and which topics suit the best or are relevant to their niche.

After identifying these things the second most important thing is how do you want to design your content? Do you want it to be a guide? Or an info graph? Do you want to present a concise list? Well, in this article you’ll learn what blogging style can prove out to be effective for your blog.

1. How-tos:

“How to” do something can be a very effective blogging form. Firstly its title seems like a call to action phrase, like you’re inviting someone to learn something new. We all never read the instruction manuals with the products besides Google about their usages. “How to” blogs have great diversity within it. Eg: how to create back up from mobile phone etc.

A blog named WikiHow became popular because of their “How to” blogs. You might get surprised to see what type of things people Google. To get started with “How to” blogs, identify your niche and start catering to the curiosities of people in that niche.

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2. The Ultimate Guides:

The Ultimate guides fall in the long-form content category but is an extremely effective blogging strategy. A comprehensive Guide providing insight within a particular domain and enable you to understand it thoroughly. But most of the bloggers are misusing the term Ultimate guide and are not providing with the real information required. Those bloggers should consider using the alternative terms like an essential guide, complete guide, or the only guide to ______ you’ll ever need etc.

Ultimate guides are basically for the experts, if you have ample knowledge about a particular thing then you have to write an Ultimate guide. And I assure you such informative guides will do better than 100 of other blogs.

3. Beginner Guides:

Beginner Guides are also doing great in the blogging world. It is helpful to students and other starters. They help them to have basic knowledge about something without spending a dime. An effective beginner guide makes your user think that you have advance knowledge about the thing you’re discussing and will motivate them to probe more into your site.

Beginner guides are the best way to generate traffic organically. Infographics are extensively used in beginners guide.

4. Interviews:

Interviews always interest people. Like I am a big fan of interviews and they always intrigue me to read a blog until the end. It provides an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other bloggers. You can seek help from experts through Helpareporter.com to gain valuable knowledge about the upcoming events or feedback about your reports. It provides authenticity and credibility to the source.

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Even the interviews that have been aired on television, are described in blogs to give maximum coverage to the event. We usually miss out on our shows because of the hectic routine. But with Spectrum Communications, you can record your favorite Talk shows or c shows etc. to enjoy them peacefully afterwards. Click here to find yourself the best internet, cable and phone service in your area.

5. Sharing Personal Experiences:

Most of the famous Instagram bloggers share their personal lives to gain attention. Take Murad Osmann for example he is a travel blogger and shares his personal experiences with the people. Even educate them about the places he visits. Another big example we have is Kylie Jenner. Though she was famous already, but the major reason for her fame is that she shares her personal life affairs and show her silicon body and possessions to people. Obviously “Keeping up with Kardashians” also played a great role in her success.

6. Activist stories:

Blogs that address to the social issues and present solutions to them. Or cover the social activities happening around are also very successful. These blogs interest almost everyone as they are a source of constant update of what is happening around the world.

There are also sites which appeal for public funding to drive a particular movement, or to help individuals etc. Association to such communities or sites can help you gain traffic and followers.

7. Recipes:

Now, people learn to cook a variety of things from the internet which has made recipes a way to draw traffic towards your blog. There are always new things coming up like recently acai bowls trend got people carried away because they think of it healthy. This niche has a great variety of content falling in every day.

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Above stated seven ways are extremely effective in drawing in a great amount of traffic towards your blog. Find appropriate keywords using Google Adwords and observe the trends using Google Trends to design engaging content. Content that serves to your audience’s interest.

Author Bio:Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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