7 Practical Tips to Survive Law School

7 Practical Tips to Survive Law School

Law school is not that easy but you can do things to make it through. The success of attending law school is defined based on your goal – graduating with high grades, getting a good job, or creating a wonderful relationship.

Whether you want to be a public defender or expert in corporate industry, you need to do well in law school. Below are some of the tips you can follow while you are a law student:

7 Practical Tips to Survive Law School

Do your reading always

You must read all your readings assigned for your courses or subjects. Do not miss any readings because you may never catch up on it. Read your notes any time of the day as long as you are alert and has a clear mind. Pick a place where there is no distraction when you are reading so you will have a continuous comprehension.


Be on time with your class

You may have an intimidating and frustrating feeling during the first days of law school but it will be easier as the day goes by. Do not skip any class even if you think it is not important; if you do this, you will miss any additional perspective from your professor and notes as well. Also, be on time when you attend your class or else you will lots of case discussions.


Improve writing skills

Law school also requires good writing skills. A large part of the grading system is based o well-written papers. As you do your reading, it requires you to comprehend the information and put it in your perspective. In order to craft a good paper, do the following: identify the issues on your reading, organize the key details, lay out your well-reasoned argument, and create a conclusion. Your argument and conclusion should concise and clear. Just like any type of writing, you should practice a lot. Moreover, you can enrol pre-law writing courses to help you out.

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Be organized

Law school requires you to be organized with school stuff. It is about time that you should be a planner. For readings, organize a time to read all the cases needed for class. Part of being organized keep tracking of your classes, taking notes during class, deadlines of assignments, and other law school related stuff. It is not easy at first but you will get used to it.


Take practice exams

Before the actual exams, it is recommended that you take several practice exams because it will help you to organize your thoughts on the test. Practice exams are quite the same with the real exam. Find some practice exams and you will be familiar with specific structure of tests in a certain subject.


Find a study partner or group

A study partner or group is an excellent way to recall what you have read for the exam. Your struggles to review will be lessen. It is true that two heads are better than one and you can prove it by sharing notes with your partner or group. You may have missed something from class and your partner can fulfil that. Also, you can exchange ideas and interpretations with your group regarding certain topics such as compensation law or foreign affairs. In return, you should help them with things they lack.


Always review

Just because your professor would not hold an exam for next meeting does not mean you will not read and reviews. Law school is way different from undergraduate school so refine your review habits. You cannot afford to cram on your finals and you do not expect to have good grades in law school without reviewing. Frequent reviewing is recommended in law school.

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