7 Types Of Digital Marketing to Consider For Your Digital Campaign

Types Of Digital Marketing

The phrase ‘digital marketing’ encompasses all marketing activities that reach consumers through digital devices. In this post, we’ll be breaking down 7 of the most popular forms of digital marketing. Since most marketers prefer a multi-channel approach for their campaign, you should also make sure to include most, if not all, of these in your brand’s marketing strategy:

1. Social Media Marketing

As the name suggests, this form of marketing involves marketing your brand on social media. This includes publishing information on social media platforms to engage with target audiences and promoting your brand digitally. 

Simply put, this digital marketing channel helps to increase awareness of your brand by sparking up conversations and producing content that automatically generates interest among those who come across it. 

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is implemented by storytellers who share valuable information about a brand with the intention of taking readers towards a profitable action, e.g., subscribing to a monthly newsletter. 

This form of digital marketing depends on content distribution and can rarely be seen separately from other forms of digital marketing. However, companies like Hubspot had grown their business with the help of content marketing and 

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of optimizing websites or content so that web pages rank better in search engines such as Google. You see, search engines answer user queries by returning with websites that have all the right keywords. 

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Search engine optimization has a lot to do with marketers strategizing keywords and keyphrases and sprinkling them throughout their web copy or within content that they wish to appear in organic search results. 

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In contrast to SEO, SEM involves using paid advertisements to attract netizens from search engines. The most common type of SEM is Google Adwords simply because Google is currently the most used search engine in the world

To put it simply, SEM involves marketers paying search engines a predetermined amount of money to display marketing messages within search engines for specific phrases and keywords. Additionally, SEM is an essential part of another form of digital marketing: PPC advertising.

5. PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Like SEM, PPC advertising can be described as a digital marketing method where marketers pay every time a website visitor clicks on a link to their website. Other than search engines, most social platforms offer brands the chance to utilize PPC advertising and by targeting marketing messages to targeted audiences. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

This digital marketing concept is a performance-based tool and involves marketers paying for the online traffic diverted to their webpage as opposed to converting traffic to sales. Typically, affiliate marketing is used by website owners and bloggers who depend on high online traffic to sell products and services.

Brands pay bloggers to strategically add affiliate links in their high-quality content in the hopes of inspiring readers to click on the link and, gradually, increase website traffic.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is arguably one of the most effective digital marketing tools for increasing conversions. It involves marketers sending regular email updates to subscribers to build and nurture a relationship with their brand. You see, regular and personalized emails help nurture trust among a large percentage of the target audience. However, there is a clear downside to this strategy.

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If you start bombarding your recipients with promotional messages, your marketing message will only be perceived as spam. To inspire the best results, email marketing should only be targeted towards those subscribers that your brand has earned and nurtured personally – possibly from other digital marketing channels. 

Final Words

The digital marketing industry isn’t just limited to the 7 types of marketing channels discussed in this post. Instead, it is an ever-growing industry and it involves a lot of experience, experimentation, and skills. 

All you need is a little help. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a marketing strategy for your brand, Rob Garay and his team of digital experts can help you win digitally. 

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