7 Useful Gadgets Every DIYer Needs to Own

Gadgets make DIY projects easier. Check out this list of gadgets to see if you have everything you need to complete your best projects.

  1. A cylindrical plain ring gage

If you work with small parts, there will come a time when you’ll need to know the outside diameter of a part that can’t be measured accurately with a measuring tape. That’s where cylindrical plain ring gages come in handy.

With a cylindrical plain ring gage, you can check the outside diameter of any part and use them to master your measuring instruments. For example, according to Threadcheck.com, you can use a ring gage to set electronic bore gages, air gages, internal micrometers, and length measuring instruments.

  1. A magnetic tool bar

Have you ever made the mistake of buying a soft-sided toolbox that functions more like a bag?  You probably know the frustration of sifting through the bag with a flashlight. If your heavier tools are on the top, it’s hard to dig down to the bottom to grab something smaller.

If you’re frustrated with toolbox and tool bag organization, you’ll love having a magnetic tool bar. All you do is nail your toolbar to the wall and stick your tools to the magnetic strip. It’s that easy! All your tools will be visible, which makes it easy to find and grab what you need in mere seconds.

  1. A carpenter’s pencil that works like a pen

Carpenter’s pencils are the most annoying pencils in the world. They’re great until you need to sharpen them – then they’re a pain.

Standard, flat carpenter pencils don’t work on dark wood, the line is too fat when the tip is dull, and they’re annoying to sharpen. Sure, they won’t roll around, but how many times have you grabbed a new pencil instead of sharpening the one you were just using?

On the other hand, the FatBoy marking pencil is shaped like a pen, so it’s easy and comfortable to hold. Best of all, it comes with three different inserts for marking different materials. There’s standard graphite for marking light wood, a red insert for marking concrete, and a white insert for marking metal. When you want to sharpen this pencil, you can sharpen it (carefully) in a standard pencil sharpener.

  1. A cat’s paw
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A cat’s paw is the ultimate demolition tool ever made. It’s hands down the best tool to remove nails in small, tight spaces and in awkward areas. However, the best use is removing embedded nails.

The way you use a cat’s paw to remove embedded nails is pretty cool. First, you position the cat’s paw over the embedded nail, and then you strike it with a standard hammer to drive the “claws” slightly into the wood. Then, you work at an angle and keep striking the cat’s paw forward toward and under the embedded nail. Eventually, the cat’s paw will slide right over the embedded nail, catching the nail in the narrow slit, and give you enough leverage to pry the nail out.

  1. A collection of blade sharpening tools

As a DIYer, you rely on sharp blades, whether you’re using a pocket knife, an Exacto blade, or some kind of saw.

If you don’t have the right kind of sharpening tools, you’ll end up using dull blades that can cause accidents. At the bare minimum, you should have:

  • A whetstone with a base
  • A free-handed whetstone
  • A sharpener with a set angle
  • A rod-style sharpener

Different types of sharpeners are better for certain types of blades. Get a variety of sharpeners so you’ll have everything you need.

  1. Bank line

Bank line is the ultimate DIY cordage, especially when you’re building bushcraft-style projects. Bank line is better than fishing line, and it’s much easier to use. It comes tarred and either twisted or braided.

While braided bank line is thicker and sometimes stronger, twisted bank line can be pulled apart to double the amount of line you can use.

  1. Gorilla Tape or T-Rex Tape
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Duct tape is old news. Sometimes plain duct tape is useful, but when you need extreme adhesive, you need Gorilla Tape or T-Rex Tape. There really is no comparison. Both of these items are thick, sticky, and are still easy to tear off by hand.

Just make sure you don’t tape something that’s only temporary, or you’ll end up with sticky residue.

Which gadget will you get next?

 Gadgets and tools can become an expensive habit rather quickly. If you like the gadgets on this list, buy the ones you can use right now, and then work your way down the list.

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