7 web design trends for the coming year


The year still lasts a small month, so it’s a good time to look at what 2019 has to offer in the field of web design. In 2019 we will focus on mobile optimization and we will see innovations that have never been seen on desktops. Web design is not only about the look, but also about how it works and whether you can achieve your goal with your design. We will go into this in more detail in this blog article.

1. Simple, minimalist layouts

7 web design trends for the coming year

The first one will not have escaped you, because minimalist layouts have been a trend for a couple of years. We are not satisfied with the “less is more” trend and it will be applied to many websites again in 2019. By keeping the website simple and clean, the attention for the content is strengthened. The use of too many visual and interactive elements can distract attention from what you, the company, really are all about, namely: conversion. Moreover, websites run better on Smartphone’s without much fuss. Since the mobile website is almost as important as, more important than the desktop version, this is an important reason to keep your website as clean as possible.

The challenge is to think carefully about the functionality and purpose of your design. Let one or a few elements stand out, and keep the rest as subtle as possible. Lead visitors through your website that way.

2. Bright & BOLD

Make it BOLD in 2019 with typography and color! Let certain elements in your website stand out through a bold color and draw attention with a bold font. This trend fits nicely with the trend mentioned above. Distinctive typography and bold use of color make the difference in a minimalist design.

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The color gradients that we saw often in 2017 are also taking us into the New Year. We are talking about subtle color gradations here, where there is not too much difference between the shades. For example, a color gradient can serve as a filter on a photo. So you can have the photo serve as a piece of marketing material that matches your house style.

This trend extends the functionality of text; typography also serves as a design element. It is a way to distinguish yourself; a pronounced typeface gives a brand personality. Be consistent with this, because this also ensures recognisability.

3. Animation to the next level!

7 web design trends for the coming year

Everyone knows that conversion is a result of a good content strategy. An average visitor is quickly distracted; they want to be guided through the website as quickly as possible. Animation can be a good tool to keep the visitor’s attention and add extra experience to the website.

Animations can be applied in different ways. One kind that we will see a lot in 2019 is the ‘scroll triggered animation’. The name says it all; this animation comes into action when you scroll. When this has been properly applied and designed in the right way, chances are that the visitor continues to scroll through. And so you have a wide area to tell your story. ‘Scroll triggered animation’ is therefore a very effective way to achieve conversion! It does not only look good, but it also has added value. Note, as is also discussed at the first point, if there is too much interaction and dynamism on a page, visitors turns off. Keep an eye on this balance. Think of it as a gift that you can give the visitor.

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The Next Rembrandt is a good example where scroll triggered animation has been applied. When you scroll through the website, a story is told through text and animation. This is then a so-called ‘meaningful scroll triggered animation’.

4. Mobile websites as the highest prior

7 web design trends for the coming year

In a time where we browse more on our Smartphone than on the computer, mobile optimization is self-evident. Since the developments are so fast, it is logical to develop the Responsive website Design first. The desktop version has less priority because the chances are that the website is mostly visited via the Smartphone. This is for the moment dependent on target groups, but there are more and more groups that have access to a Smartphone.

The position in the Google search engine will also be considerably lower if a website is not mobile-friendly and as a result will not pass Google’s test.

Moreover, the mobile website is better considering what is posted and what is not. There is less space available than with the cover version. This makes the essence of the website easier to achieve.

“From this moment on, it’s going to be ‘mobile first'”

5. Geometric shapes

We will definitely see geometric forms in the field of web design in 2019! Patterns, lines, planes, and shapes; these can help to connect or highlight elements. Layout and design is very important to really show the content.

Provide a fresh-looking composition by using geometric shapes and create a nice balance between content and white space. Give your design a boost by mixing geometric shapes and allowing certain content to pop out.

6. Cinema graphs

Cinema graphs are photos with a motion element; a small part of the photo moves and is played as a loop. This creates a surprise effect because at the same time it looks like a photo and a video. Cinema graphs give the idea to watch a video, but they are much less difficult to turn around. Since mobile websites have received a high priority, whether or not the highest, cinema-graphs are a good alternative. In addition, they ensure dynamics on a page. Use them on a static page and give the visitor something extra to look at. With a cinema-graph, place an accent on a certain aspect of your website. Just like “scroll triggered animations”, cinema graphs have added value because they arouse interest.

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7. Authentic photography

How important is it to make your website personal? How do you show what makes your brand unique? An image says more than 1000 words, it is said. It is a cliché, but true. When you as a company promise to be personal and then use stock photos in your website, it is the same as saying that your employees are all professionals. If this was not the case, why would the customer work with you? Visitors quickly penetrate that stock photo bubble. People like to see emotion or a story in the images you show. Therefore hire a private photographer for beautiful professional and personal photos. This is, in contrast to stock photos, enrichment for your website and contributes to the story you want to tell.

Make your website 2019-proof and achieve more conversion!

In short, mobile optimization is a must to get the most out of your website. Light websites with extras to clarify your story. What else do you need to make your website 2019 proof? Our designers are happy to help you achieve conversion.

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