8 Diet Changes to Help Increase Your Fertility

Go for an Organic Diet

One of the most useful changes you can make to boost your fertility is start eating a healthy fertility diet while preparing for pregnancy. Various studies show that strategic changes to the mother’s diet will improve fertility, prevent a miscarriage and support healthy pregnancy. When it comes to having a healthy body and reproductive system nutrition plays a vital role. The foods we eat contain the building blocks for hormones. Hence eating certain foods to boost nutrition is a sure shot way of making sure a healthy pregnancy. You should consume foods rich in nutrients needed for regulating hormonal balance, fetal development, production and balance, sperm health, egg health, blood health, and much more.

Let’s have a look at some of the changes we can make to improve the fertility diet.

1. Go for an Organic Diet

You should be eating a lot of organic produce. Conventionally produced foods contain harmful chemicals which can have negative effect on health, by doing male and female fertility test. Studies also show organic vegetables and fruits have tremendous nutritional value.

Go for an Organic Diet

2. Eat whole fat, raw dairy from grass-fed cattle.

Organic Whole fat, raw dairy from grass-fed cattle are the best dairy sources. Take note that dairy foods such as milk and cheese may be congesting to the body. Dairy foods tend to aggravate the imbalance in cases of congesting fertility issues such as PCOS and Endometriosis. Observe your body’s reactions with it. Inorganic dairy should be avoided as it contains added hormones and antibiotics which can  increase estrogen levels in the body. There are many healthy alternatives to dairy such as fresh almond or hemp milk

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3. Try to consume cold water fish mostly

Fish supplies important omega 3 to our diet. This fatty acid aids in the production of hormones, reduces inflammation, and helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Fishes are high in protein and vitamin A. It is advisable to avoid deep water fishes like Tuna and Swordfish as they contain a high amount of mercury in them instead consume more cold water fish such as wild salmon, Cod and Alaskan Halibut.

4. Choose meat that is Grass Fed and Organic

High levels of added hormones and antibiotics that can contribute to conditions pertaining to dominate estrogen are found in conventionally raised cattle. Meats that have been fed with grass are a rich source of Protein and essential fatty acids and low in saturated fat. A recent study show there is a connection between high red meat consumption and endometriosis so you should probably reduce your intake of red meat while experiencing endometriosis

5. Choose only free range/Organic chicken

Conventionally raised chickens are housed in unclean, cramped conditions and are mostly fed non-organic and mostly genetically modified feed to reduce costs. Look for the labels like “cage free”, “free range”, or “organic” when shopping for chicken. Purchasing chicken from a local farm with free-range practices is the best option to make sure you are eating healthy.

6. Eat only whole grains.

Whole grains are packed with healthy fiber, necessary vitamins, and properties to strengthen your immune system. Fiber is helps the body in getting rid of unnecessary excess hormones and helps to balance the blood sugar. Choose whole wheat or sprouted bread, quinoa, rice or whole wheat pasta and brown rice instead of and refined white foods and grains such as semolina pastas, white bread and white rice.

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7. Avoid refined sugars or packaged fruit juices and extracts.

Commercially Pasteurized juices such as bottled apple, orange or guava and other fruit juices contain loads of concentrated sugar, which will easily unbalance your blood sugar and affect your immune system severely. It is also advisable to avoid any processed and or refined or artificial sugars. Some great alternatives to substitute sugar are honey, maple syrup and stevia.

8. Drink lots of clean water

Make sure you drink at least half your bodyweight of clean and filtered water daily. It is advisable to avoid bottled water as recent studies have suggested some of the plastics used in manufacturing the bottles have estrogen mimicking chemicals that can contribute to hormonal imbalance. Choose water that is reverse osmosis and distilled. Tap water should be avoided as many recent studies have concluded that tap water is usually laced with harmful pesticides from agricultural runoff.

Being healthy and staying healthy will make sure your pregnancy is smooth and the child being born is healthier to come into this world.

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