8 Instagram Accounts That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

8 Instagram Accounts That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

Sometimes you stood on bus station while waiting for the bus or while scrolling through the feed in your cell phone and the sudden idea came to your mind which never appear while making the to-do list or specifically thinking about this work. Don’t worry, we have a better idea generation source, Instagram. Instagram has more than 400 million active monthly users which are crossing the twitter users. With the passage of time, Instagram has gone beyond just posting filtered photos to fill your account. Now the inspiration game has reached its top level. Innovative creators can now easily Buy Instagram followers UK.

8 Instagram Accounts That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

Now even business tycoon have started to create their own posts, videos, live videos via using delightful tools to give a beautiful composition. So you need to go through such inspired and thought-provoking Instagram feeds that can motivate for your own work.

  1. @abstractsunday

Christoph Niemann is a visual artist who has exemplified everything from Google doodles to New Yorker. Not only that he had his own demonstrated column in the New York Times entitled as Abstract Sunday. Most of his Instagram posts are proved to be attractive enough for viewers so that they could make productive comments on photos as they are posted plugged in 24/7, presenting tech gadgets in rare situations. His feed is composed of finished artwork, sketches, animations, and doodles.

  1. @brainpicker

Maria Popova, the author of Brain Pickings filled it with her quotes from the blog. Each every blog post is totally out of your vision. You cannot imagine the level of creativity, love, learning, and life she holds and depicted in her chock-full posts. She is the finest absorber of information and reader. Whatever she learns from other authors, from books, very smart people, interviews, artists, inspirational creators, and even musicians can be seen in her blogs. In this technological era, rather reading her Sunday newsletter you can shed light on her quotes through her Instagram feed.

  1. @moography
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Sometime you may feel that your cell phone is your whole world. This epic feeling was caught by Anshuman Ghosh, too. He was the one who made mini iPhone-sized screens while using paper.

  1. @2sisters_angie

Every one of us wants those carefree childhood days of our lives while oozing with creative ideas, right?@2sisters_angie’s feed is consist of Angie Keiser’s captures of creativity and imaginations of her 6 years old daughter, named Mayhem. Those adorable creativity ideas might include, dresses made out of paper or innocent expressions of her daughter. What was just started as an idea of sharing creativity has become an obsession of this little girls as well that of her mother. Mayhem has used gift bags, construction paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and some the other handy items. Out of this material she has made paper dresses which were supposed to be on red carpets and ideas from Mayhem’s own mind.

  1. @gopro

It is a bombshell of adventure and wanderlust when you keep on scrolling down the official Go Pro Instagram account. Such mind-blowing photos create a real surrounding and one may go down deep in the illustrations. On the other end, they are also doing marketing of their waterproof video cameras. It is a pack of action-packed and colorful photos that enhance the product’s versatility.

  1. @dschwen

Going behind the design studio which is used as editorial illustrations for Wired, Time and Fast Company. David Schwen has also shaped creative campaigns at the beginning such as Warby Parker and Uber. For all the time his feed is full of 15-second stop-motion films featuring both passion projects and client work.

  1. @nasa
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It is not so easy to make demands of everyday minutia. Nasa’s official Instagram account will take you straight in out space which simple snaps and videos can’t do. Each and every post is eye-catching. Once you follow them, wait for traveling outside of this world. Astronauts on the job, moons, globular clusters and planets will be just one click far from you. Not only photos, even captions is the sea of hyper educational with lots of info describing the existence and worth. Space lover can also follow some of the other accounts like @nasagoddard for seeing snapshots from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and @marscuriosity for getting knowledge about Mars Science Laboratory

  1. @carolyn_mara

Carolyn Borlenghi is basically the platform to unwrap the actual meaning of creativity. Or you can say it is a self-proclaimed creative spirit guide. The way they unleash the spirit of creativity in layperson is highly impressive. All it demands of is the confidence! The confidence of converting your weak area into the strongest one. Basically, no one has any weakness, he or she term weakness as the areas that require improvement.

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