8 Must have Wardrobe Essentials for Boys in College

8 Must have Wardrobe Essentials for Boys in College

College life is a crucial stage of one’s life. It’s your evolution from a carefree teenager to a man with ambition. Along with the transformation of your physical appearance, you also change your perspective on a lot of other things. You have different priorities now, you have more responsibilities, and you are even required to spend your money wisely. This gives way to making purchases that you have not made before. Things like sanitary items, laundry items and easy to cook food are your staples if you go to a supermarket.

While all that is happening, there is another change that is taking over your style, which is your choice in wardrobe. So whether you are starting college this year or wanting to reconsider your outlook on fashion mid-college; here are a few essentials that will help you look good.

  • Jeans:

Jeans for any guy in college are the most necessary clothing item. It combines comfort and style. Investing in more than one pair of jeans is the right way to add a variety to your everyday look. The most versatile colors are dark blue, faded blue and black. Add these to your wardrobe and you would never have to take a long time to decide what to wear to your class. Due to its material you can wear it to frat parties or on your nights out.

  • Chinos:

Chinos are the way to go if you are going for a less casual look. It is not typically considered formal but can give a more sophisticated look to the person wearing it. They are comfortable and light. Don’t go with flashy colors such as red or green, unless you prefer an edgy style. Instead go with more subtle colors such as caramel, gray, white and the likes. Buying any one of these colors will give you a semi-formal look, and can even be perfect for a college workshop, or a class presentation. Moreover, it can be used as your day to night option. You attend class wearing these and then without having to change, you attend your event in the evening.

  • Dress Pant:
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Unlike how you can save money on your groceries, you cannot save money on this article of clothing. Having a pair of decent looking dress pants is a must have for any college student. A dress pant can cost you a little more than any regular jeans. On the plus side, you don’t need a wide variety of it in your wardrobe, just one pair will do. You will require these when you are going for an interview for a job or an internship.

  • T-shirts:

You may have a preference for t-shirts with V-neck, or if you are like me, you only wear round neck tees. The cut really doesn’t matter. T-shirts are the least expensive item on this list and have a wide variety of style and colors. What matters is the amount of t-shirts you own. Have at least 5 t-shirts in your wardrobe which you can wear for class, in your dorm room, or for a day out with friends.

  • Formal or semi-causal shirts:

A formal shirt is all you need to make a lasting impression in your interview. The shirt could be of any sober color but should coordinate with your formal trousers.

On the other hand, a casual button-down shirt can be worn with your choice of jeans or chinos for the whole day. Opt for this style when you are supposed to be presenting to the class. You can also choose to wear it when the weather is warmer, that way you can open up a shirt button if you feel hot. Semi-casual shirts can be bought from any clothing store at a cheap price, provided that it’s not a branded store.

  • Shoes:
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Shoes may only cover your feet, but they are the first thing that people notice about you. So make sure that you have chosen a good pair of shoes. A pair of sneakers is all you need when you want to attend classes. To have a fancier look, invest in a pair of Chukka shoes which can go with any semi-formal or formal look. These shoes are cheaper than more formal shoes like Oxfords or Derby.

  • Accessories:

Yes, a proper accessory can help enhance your look tenfold. A casual watch or a wristband is a trendy option and does not cost too much. An original Rolex can cost a lot, so it is better that you stay at low-end brands for items like these.

  • Sweater:

You are in the college all year round, which means you will be there in winters as well. It is better to be prepared for winters in advance and keep a sweater or cardigan with you. You may have your college hoodie with you, but you can’t wear that everywhere you go. Keep a number of options for sweaters or cardigans for yourself to match your overall look.

All these items are accessible and cheap. Any student with a limited budget can afford enough of these items to last at least one whole year in college. Each person’s choice in style may matter, but no one can deny that these items are a must have for any college students.

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