8 photography logo designing mistakes that you should avoid

8 photography logo designing mistakes that you should avoid

The logo is the most important tool when it comes to your brand identity so it’s pivotal, that it is designed well. But it is also the hardest to get right especially if you plan to do it on your own. A lot of photographers make their own logo as they have the creative intelligence to do so. Still, sometimes they make silly and common mistakes that lead to a poorly designed logo that doesn’t work or go with their business.

Just like photos a logo is a visual treat and your clients may contact you through your business cards or pamphlets and if the logo in it doesn’t appeal to them, then you may lose potential or even old clients.

So read these 8 photography logo designing mistakes that you should avoid so that  it comes out perfect: 

  1. Combing and using the wrong colors

A color evokes emotion from people so before selecting any color, be clear about the kind of message you want to send to your customers through the logo. Like blue color resonates with soothing and red with power. Also, combine colors that look good together and justify the brand image, don’t mix and match randomly.

  1. Copying the logo from others

It’s crucial to research well before you start designing your own logo but make sure you never copy or imitate the logo of some other companies. This doesn’t bode well with your reputation, also, this is your brand image representing the sentiments of your business, copying this will not help anyone. By using the best logo maker app, you can quickly create a unique and memorable logo that will improve the recognition of your brand.

  1. Using cheap templates
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Most templates are designed by amateurs and are cheap in terms of quality and designing, using that for the business will surely won’t work for you. Also, if there is some template that is very good and new, most of the ventures including your competitors would have used it, so try to avoid them as much as you can.

  1. Having a complex logo

Many photographers use various techniques like 3D effects while trying to make a unique logo. Such practices may give you a different design and look good on computers, but it certainly won’t look so good on the paper. Every marketing tool like visiting card or brochures etc. uses a logo and their print size will differ on each. If you an overly complex logo, printing it on paper will just smudge and pixelate it.

So make a logo that is simple but appealing, they are easy to use and also easier to remember. 

  1. No versatility

Following the above point, a photography logo has to work as a watermark on the photographs and should be visible but shouldn’t overshadow the picture. Other than that you may use it for advertisements, on social media or on merchandise, so it’s crucial to design a logo that works on everything otherwise you will keep repeating the process and wasting your time and money. 

  1. Using different logo

Once you have designed your logo and you are happy with it and it resonates with your photography businesses make sure that it is there on every paper and product. All your stationery, photos, websites, social media accounts and business cards etc. should have the same logo. Don’t use different logo otherwise, the consistency will suffer and your clients will be confused. Same goes for when you update your logo, all the other tools of your business that have logo should be updated. Maintaining consistency is crucial for the smooth running of your photography business.

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Now, that you are aware of the common mistakes that photographers do while designing the logo, you can start designing yours by keeping these points in mind. Additionally, you can try Canva’s photography logo maker tool to design an amazing logo within minutes. A little research and hard work will give you a logo that can be remembered for a long time, so with this in mind, start sketching.

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