8 Types of Home Constructions in Real Estate

house construction

Home construction describes the materials the structure is made of. It does not include the finishing materials or the foundations but the structural components of the rest of the home. It is limited to building techniques that use different materials and processes to provide the basis for any sort of home.

The best building method to use for your new home is an important discussion between you and the home builder, who is the architect. Your hired home builder will create a custom plan according to your needs and suitable to your chosen place among other things. If you are just buying a constructed home already, a real estate listing has type of construction available. Below are the home constructions you need to know:

Timber Frame

Timber frame construction is one of the most straightforward types of home construction. It is a form of wood frame construction that relies on large wooden beams for its basic construction, with more narrow timber beams in between them. Timber frame homes often leave a portion of the timber frame exposed so it can be a design choice as much as an engineering decision.

Wood Panels

Unlike timber frame homes, wood panel homes use prefabricated panels that sandwich rigid foam insulation between thinner pieces of wood. Like timber frame house construction, wood panel homes are susceptible to warping and rot from water, or damage from termites and other insects. But wood frame homes make use of a renewable resource (timber trees) and are relatively inexpensive to construct.

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Steel Stud

Steel stud construction is popular with commercial buildings, but some home builders also use it in construction residences. It uses many of the same building techniques as wood frame construction but replaces the wood beams with steel. Screws, rather than nails, hold the components together and help form the basic structure, which may be indistinguishable from wood frame construction when the building is complete. Steel stud construction is resistant to fire and insects, which are why some people choose it over a wood frame method.

Modular Homes

Traditional stick framing are used in modular homes. This housing construction type must meet the same building codes as a site-built home. Modular homes are built in a factory and they are completed on the inside. Modular home pieces are trucked to the site and set in place with a crane just like kit homes. They come in all quality levels and price points. The quality offered by some modular builders can equal site-built homes and some firms have designed “green” homes.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)

A Structural Insulated Panel is a housing construction type that comes with pre-cut window and door openings, and conduit for electrical wiring. SIPs are used for walls as well as ceilings and the can be combined to make nearly any home design. SIP homes tend to well-insulated as well as draft free. They need less energy to cool and heat compared to traditional stick frame. Because of this, you only need smaller heating and cooling system.

Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF)

This housing construction type is also known as permanently insulated formwork (PIF). Insulating Concrete Formwork is an insulated in original place concrete system. Construction is fast and it provides a practical technique of erecting insulated walls for houses. ICF uses hollow lightweight block, locking together without meddling with bedding materials like mortar. The blocks are formed of sheets of insulation materials that typically expands polystyrene tied together with plastic or steel ties, or an integral web of the same insulation.

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Brick is one of the most common housing construction types and widely used around the world. When using clay mud, it is formed into regular-sized masonry units. Sometimes, these regular-sized masonry units are being burnt in an oven and put under the sun to dry. The brick masonry housing is composed with or without the mortars. When house builders are using mortar, it’s either cement-based or mud-based, and they are used in the walls. In terms of roofing system, they are wide options such as asbestos sheets on steel trusses and tiled roof supported on wood trusses, and

Confined Masonry

This housing construction has been a popular practice around the world. It structure improves with the inclusion of wood or concrete frame members. To reduce the masonry walls into smaller panels, concrete frame members are included to withstand the earthquake shaking. The masonry should be made of either brick or the stones. Confined Masonry is considered as far superior compared to old-fashioned load-bearing masonry houses.

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