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It is a universal truth that windows hosting is gaining popularity in past few years. That is the only reason why it is productive in relation to its cost. However, people tend to like the feature and support that are offered by windows. Additionally, it also supports other free programs that work well on it.

As mentioned above that windows hosting is the best and most preferred type of hosting. Every business owner is looking forward to having windows platforms for their website.  On the other hand, it is becoming a need for the business owner who is planning to have an online business. An ultimate aim of every business owner is to present their business in form of website in front of global visitors.

If you are planning to opt for Windows hosting then it will work well with many other products including Microsoft products. It’s very flexible and also incredibly reliable.

Selecting the web host is a very tough call for the client. There are n numbers of providers available in the market who are ready to offer service as per your choice. Due to heavy competition, it is very tough to select but it is your duty to observe what unique you are getting from your provider and compare all features and select the best.

In windows hosting, utilizing a control panel one can make up to hundred DSNs for connecting to Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server or MySQL. Unlimited numbers of Microsoft access databases can get deployed in windows hosting. Support is available for all .net users and data can get uploaded and files get transferred from the server to other using FTP based clients.

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One of the essential characteristics that require being included in any quality Windows hosting plan is a database server. Database servers, such as MySQL or MS SQL Server, are few applications that capture, store, and deliver data for a web application or website.

If you are a blogger and looking forward to installing a web application like WordPress, on your windows web host then there is a need for a database server. Most of the providers, who offer the windows hosting service are likely to offer a MySQL database at the affordable price. It is suggested to opt for the plan which includes MySQL, MS Access and much more. However, this is common database format that you will need in future as per your requirement.

Yet another feature that needs to be considered in the windows is the number of database capacity given by the provider. For e.g., If you are running a two distinct website on the server then you will need multiple databases. Some provider brings restriction on the amount of disk space grant to your database, however, this can lead to a problem on the server, because of low space and higher consuming app are running to get higher output.

Therefore, it is essential to check each and every aspect of the host, before opting for a Best Windows VPS Hosting , you are required to inspect the configuration of the database servers offered with the plan, including the size of the database.

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