A Guide to Buying Bullet Proof Windows For Cars

Bullet Proof Windows For Cars

As the name suggests, bullet proof glasses are designed to withstand bullets. This glass is often reported to be indestructible, because no matter how many bullets are fired, the glass remains intact and unchanged. The durability of the bullet proof glass depends on the thickness of the final product.  If you are looking to buy bullet proof windows for cars, here are the important details of bullet proof windows you need to know about.

Bullet Proof Windows For Cars

Three Different Types of Bullet-Resistant Glasses

  1. Polycarbonate- Polycarbonate is a type of plastic, but is different from acrylic in many ways. It is quite versatile in nature and comes with unbeatable strength.  If you planning to increase the thickness of the bullet-proof glasses, polycarbonate is easier to work with.  It can be combined in layers to increase the resistance of the product. Polycarbonate is highly effective in absorbing the energy of the bullet, hence preventing it to exit out the other side.
  1. Acrylic- Acrylic resembles glass. It is a harder and stronger than glass, offers more impact resistant and weights 50% less than glass.
  1. Glass-Clad Polycarbonate bullet-resistant glass– Polycarbonate bullet-resistant glass uses a combination of materials to help the clients get the desired results. Polycarbonate bullet-resistant glass is laminated or sandwiched between the ordinary sheets of glass. It then undergoes heating and cooling process to stick the materials into one piece. It produces the end product that is durable and thicker.

Advantages of Bullet-Resistant Glass

  • Safety- Bullet-resistant vehicles are highly used in armored vehicles. If you are a celebrity, military officer or any other type of high profile guest, you are likely to have an armored vehicle which will offer you additional protection.  If you regularly need escorting clients, investing in bullet proof glass is one of the best investments you are going to make in order to prepare for the worst situations.
  • Discreet Protection- Bullet-proof glasses provide discreet protection to their clients. The armored vehicles can protect the drivers and passengers especially in military situations and hot zones. These vehicles are the perfect solution for navigating through the dangerous places on the earth while protecting the life and valuable assets.
  • High- class vehicle– Having a bulletproof glass for your car is a representation of high-class. This gives you a peace of mind when you have to host some important political or social figures. You can prevent loss of life and potential financial difficulty.
  • Resistance to Breakage– Bullet-proof glass looks like normal glass, while providing much resistance to breakage. It is capable of absorbing energy from the bows of bullets, bats or axes that are often used to break the glass.  When it comes to buying bullet proof glass for cars, care should be taken that you trust the job with the reliable and reputed manufacturers who possess years of experience in producing glass of various types and appropriation.
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Discuss Your Needs Today!

Aurum Glass is a leading company that enjoys a solid reputation in manufacturing glass of various types and appropriation including- shock-proof, bullet-proof, fire-resistant and architectural glass. Aurum Glass produces high-quality glass and glass products for various purposes. They use top-notch technologies and equipment to manufacture products that are highly durable and effective.

If you want to buy bullet-proof windows for cars, get in touch with the experts at- Aurum Glass.  You are sure to find products here that you are looking to buy.

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