A Guide to Finding the Perfect Iron Doors in Fort Wayne for Your Home

Fort Wayne homeowners are always exploring new designs and décor trends to spruce up their homes. From investing in extensive renovation and remodeling to making minor but impactful adjustments, Fort Wayne residents aren’t ones to shy away from embracing change. Unsurprisingly, they’re also proactive in adopting new door styles and designs to beautify their homes.

Adding wrought iron doors is among the best budget-friendly renovations you can make at your Fort Wayne property. These iron doors are extremely versatile and can be used as interior doors as well as exterior doors. They instantly elevate the indoor or outdoor surroundings of a house, complementing other design elements.

However, buying a wrought iron door for your home isn’t as easy as it looks. You can’t just pick the first iron door you see and bring it back home (or order it online). Here’s a helpful guide to finding the right wrought iron door for your Fort Wayne home. 

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The first thing you need to figure out is the type of swing you want your iron doors to have. Do you want your front door to swing inside the house or swing outside? What about the interior doors, how do you wish to open those?

There are four types of swing to keep in mind when shopping for iron doors:

  • Left Hand In Swing 
  • Left Hand Out Swing 
  • Right Hand In Swing
  • Right Hand Out Swing 

As the names suggest, in swing iron doors swing open inside the house. In contrast, out swing iron doors swing open outside the house. The alignment of the door handle (left or right) determines the direction. For example, in a left hand in/out swing door, the door handle is placed at the right-hand side and allows the door to swing from right to left. 

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So, which type of swing should you select for your iron doors? It really depends on the layout of your house and your personal preferences. Typically, in swing doors are used as interior doors while out swing doors are used as exterior doors. In a cold state like Indiana that experiences plenty of windy days, out swing front doors are common as they prevent the iron door from being blown inward because of the weather. However, you can customize your choice of swing and direction as per your preference.


Next, consider the extent of glasswork you want in your iron doors. Typically, wrought iron door designs incorporate glass panels. These may be included throughout the design or at specific areas such as in the upper segment of the iron door

When choosing a wrought iron door with glasswork, opt for one that incorporates tempered dual pane glass. This will add to the door’s durability while allowing in sufficient light.

Natural lighting is another factor to consider when assessing what kind of glasswork you want for your iron door. If you want to maximize your use of natural light, the get a wrought iron door with clear and wide glass panels. If you don’t want the doors to let in too much sunlight, it’s best to opt for iron doors with wider frames and thinner glass panels that are layered with intricate design elements.


Finally, let’s not rule out the door color! You may not think much of your door’s color when you’re shopping because of all the other features you’re occupied on. After all, the color of your iron door doesn’t affect its functionality in any way. Many homeowners don’t give door color any preference, settling for whichever colors they’re presented with.

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This is a mistake you should avoid at all costs. Sure, the color of your door frame or core panels doesn’t make a difference in how you use the door, but it does contribute to the overall visual impact. Wrought iron doors are available in various colors and can even be customized as per user preferences. Dark colored wrought iron doors are especially common and you’re likely to see these at door stores.

So, which color should you opt for? 

Black wrought iron doors, of course! These monochromatic doors complement all types of home designs. Whether your home has a vintage style or a contemporary vibe, black wrought iron doors will go perfectly with either aesthetic. The sleek black doors stand out prominently against all kinds of backdrops, whether you opt for thinner frames with glass panels or thick iron doors with intricate patterns. You can’t go wrong with black iron doors!

Pinky’s Iron Doors provides a gorgeous range of wrought iron doors to homeowners in Fort Wayne. Their collection consists of double and single iron doors, iron exterior doors, and iron interior doors. Get in touch with them today! 


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