Adding A Bird Aviary To Your Home Or Garden

If you are a bird enthusiast, you may already own some pet birds. You may even have created a backyard bird habitat with bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses. However, if you really love birds, you know that providing an environment with the maximum room to move around and fly is of the utmost importance. Doing so will ensure that you birds will maintain healthy muscles and won`t become bored.

Bird Aviary

The best way to provide your birds with the most living space is by providing a bird aviary. An aviary, also known as a flight cage, is simply a large place where birds are kept and that provides the maximum amount of space for birds to live and stretch their wings. You have many options if you would like to buy or build a bird aviary. Aviaries come in many sizes, shapes and styles. If would like to build your own aviary, there are even more factors to consider. This article will discuss some of the many options and will provide a place to start if you would like to buy or build.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The first factor you should consider is whether you want an indoor or outdoor bird aviary. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. With an indoor aviary, you don`t need to consider the weather. With an outdoor aviary, the weather is an important consideration. You will need a roof to protect your avian friends from the rain. You may even need a heat or basking lamp if you live in an area where it gets cool at night. You should also place your outdoor aviary near a wall or other structure that will block the wind.

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If you select an indoor aviary and a bird accidentally escapaes, it won`t get far! This is not the case with an outdoor aviary, so if you select this option, you will need to use the right materials. You should use strong, safe hardware for all the joints. Use strong wire mesh, but avoid galvanized steel, as it is unsafe for birds! You should install two doors and use one when entering the aviary, as this will minimize the chance of escapes. Of course, predators are less of a problem with indoor aviaries than with outdoor models. If you select an outdoor aviary, you should install a good, solid floor to prevent predators from digging their way into the aviary. Also, place your outdoor aviary enough of a distance away from trees to prevent predators from landing on the roof.

Buy Or Build An Aviary

Buy Or Build An Aviary?

Another decision you will need to make is whether to buy or build an aviary. Buying a bird aviary or an aviary kit is easy and fast, but if you build one, you will be able to do so to your unique specifications. Building an aviary may reduce the chance of bird injuries due to the wrong materials. If you build your own aviary, you will also have the satisfaction of completing a project with your own two hands and you will have the added benefit of working outside in the fresh air.

One of the main advantages of buying an aviary instead of building one is that you can eliminate a lot of confusion. There are many bird aviary plans available online, and many of them are not for the novice. Lots of them do not offer the step by step instructions that beginners need, they don`t offer the right advice on which tools to use or on how to acquire the best materials at the best price. Buying an aviary directly will help eliminate  this confusion and will get you the aviary you want.

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What About Aviary Design?

You should select your aviary according to the types of birds you will be keeping and whether you select an indoor or outdoor aviary. If you will be keeping your aviary outside, you can design  the aviary to be larger and ventilation will not be a consideration. However, if you live in a colder climate, you will need to consider a heat source. For indoor aviaries, heat will not be a problem, but you will need to consider ventilation more carefully. You will also need to make sure your aviary is kept clean so it won`t give off any smells.

Another design you may wish to consider is a triangular structure that serves as a bird enclosure. This enclosure is then attached to a flight cage. If you are building an aviary, this one of the easiest models to make, but it is not as accessible and easy for a person to enter. If you have alot of space, you may wish to consider building or buying a walk-in aviary. This model provides a lot of room for the birds, and makes it easy for you to enter the aviary to handle and care for the birds.


If all of this seems confusing, it doesn`t have to be. If you need advice on buying or building an aviary, or would like to purchase an aviary or aviary plans, check out Bird Bird Baths For Sale has all the resources you need to help you buy or build your own bird aviary.


Charles Meadows is a lifelong gardening and bird enthusiast. He enjoys writing and sharing knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, including  birds, gardening and New Age topics.

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