Advantages and disadvantages of living in studio apartments

living in studio apartments

Are you interested in saving your money on rent and other bills every month? Well, moving into a studio apartment could be a perfect solution. These studio flats contain a living room, bedroom and a kitchen in a single open space. This type of apartment is the best for people who live alone and with less belongings.  You are allowed to do your eating, living and sleeping in a single space. If you are used to live in a house with more rooms, then studio life can be a bit hectic for you. In this article, we will discuss both the pros and cons associated with studio apartments.


Lower utility bills

The utility bills are likely to be lower in studio apartments. This is because a small space is cheaper to heat and cool, the entire space could be illuminated by a single bulb. This apartment has less space and therefore there are less gadgets within to suck up energy. With the Power to Choose electricity providers, you can select the best rates that suit your needs.

Less space to tidy

Some people do not like to clean their house on daily basis. If you prefer to keep your home clean always or not, living in a studio apartment is perfect because there is less hassle experienced when cleaning. It is also easier to maintain.

The rent bill is slight lower

Most studio apartments are relatively cheap compared to one bedroom apartments. This is because they have less space with a bathroom and a sink inside whereas one bedroom has a bigger space with subdivided units such as kitchen, living room, bedroom and sometimes the balcony.

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Less junk accumulation.

You have to keep in mind that these apartments have less space. It is possible to accumulate a lot of items that you actually don’t need in a bigger house than a house with less space.


Limited space

Studio apartments have smaller space. Sometimes you have to get rid of your belongings because the space available cannot fit everything you have. Some people end up selling their items such as furniture among others.

Not easy to decorate

If you the type that loves decorations, then living in a studio apartment can be tricky. Decorating a small apartment can be difficult because you have to get a way to separate a single space/room.

You cannot entertain more guests

Studio apartments are small and therefore you cannot afford to invite a lot of people at the same time because there will be no space available for them. People who like holding parties at their places, in such an house it will not be appropriate.

Difficult to keep pets

Some people like having pets in their home. Well, if you are planning on moving to a studio apartment, this may not be the perfect place to bring in your pets. This is because of the limited space. Pets love to play so there will be no space for them to run around.

You should always keep your things in place.

Living in a studio apartment is a bit tricky because you have to make your house look neat always. If one thing is in a mess, it makes the whole room look untidy. It is easier shut the rooms that looks untidy in a one bedroom for the house to be neat but in a studio is a bit difficult.

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Living in a studio apartment could be the best place for people who live alone and also those that need to save on other bills. However, as much as they are called efficiency apartments, living in such houses could be difficult for those with a family.

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