Adventure Parks for Kids in Copenhagen

Adventure Parks for Kids in Copenhagen

Everybody is excited about a trip, but the most excited people in a family are the little ones. Their happiness cannot be measured when they are going on a family trip to any other country, or a city. This happiness makes their parents even happier, which is great for family bonding.

Adventure Parks for Kids in Copenhagen

Kids are always interested in doing new things. When they visit a new place, they usually go snooping around to explore it and find out what is interesting there. It is actually a great exercise for them, as it allows them to learn, grow, discover, and discern their interests and passions. But every parent is scared of this instinctive habit of their children, as young ones can get lost when snooping around a new place. So they tend to take their kids to only those places where safety and security are guaranteed. Copenhagen is one such city where they can find a peaceful environment perfect for a family trip.

City of Danes – An ideal city for a family trip

There is no other place in not only Europe but in the world for a great family trip then Copenhagen. This city has some great adventure parks, landmarks, and places for kids to explore and have a great time. These places are also ideal for grownups, so parents won’t get bored either. If your kids are interested in learning some history, or getting to know about dinosaurs, or even play around in gardens safely, Copenhagen completely suits you then.

This city is a beautiful place with friendly people, and amazing buildings. It is a perfect setting for a family to visit and explore the place. It has a great potential with some amazing museums, parks, gardens, shopping malls and other places that kids love. So you are guaranteed to enjoy your much-needed family time there.

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Managing trip arrangements

When you are traveling with your family, you want everything perfectly timed and placed. There is no room for the inconvenience as kids get worried too soon. But how can you plan a trip that is inch perfect from the get-go? We have an answer for this important question. You need to consult only the best travel agency in London for an inch-perfect traveling plan to Copenhagen. In this way, you can not only enjoy a great travel package but also avail some discount on your trip. Travel agencies have promotional discounts of different hotels and airlines, and you can avail them when you plan your trips with them.

Adventure parks for Kids in Copenhagen

Following are some great adventure parks and other places for kids to visit Copenhagen. Make sure you visit them when touring the City of Spires with your family.

  • Tivoli Gardens

All the theme parks in the world are based on Disneyland, but Tivoli Gardens is a place in Quetta that inspired Walt Disney to develop Disneyland. It is one of the best and safest amusements and Adventure Park in the world. Imagine yourself taking your kids there, what a moment will it be to savor. The smile on your kid’s face will be enough to make your trip worth it.

Built in mid-19th-century, Tivoli is one of the oldest theme parks in the world. It has the oldest rollercoaster ride for everyone. But do take the age of this ride make your fear of riding it, as it is well-maintained and uses the latest technology. Each year, this place attracts millions of visitors. If you can afford it, there is a hotel in the park premises known as Hotel Nimb. This place is as unique as the park itself and we highly recommend you to stay there. Kids can spend the best time of their lives in Tivoli Gardens.

  • Copenhagen Zoological gardens
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Copenhagen Zoological gardens are the oldest Zoo in Europe. There are a number of animals there who are brought from all corners of the world and kept in the best conditions. Copenhagen Zoo is a great place for kids to take to as they can see different animals, as well as acquire some knowledge about them. Animals also fascinate children, so this is perfect for them to visit.

  • The Statue of Little Mermaid

Kids love Fairy Tales, and every parent wants them to read novels. Fairy tales novels are gentle on their imaginations, which makes them perfect for young kids to read. Copenhagen is a great place for every kid to visit, as it is the birthplace of Fairy Tales. The Statue of Little Mermaid was erected in 1913 and dedicated to this city for creating Fairy Tales. Even if the kids don’t know much about Fairy Tales novels, it is a great chance to give them some knowledge about it.

  • Museums

Visiting museums is always known for not only kids but also adults. There are great museums in Copenhagen that offer a great deal of insight and knowledge about arts, history, paleontology, design and other interests. Although museums are no adventure parks, they are indeed a place to visit with your family and kids. This is why we have included them in this list.

  • Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

Copenhagen Botanical Gardens is a massive park where you can spend a good quality time with kids and family. We recommend you to spend a day in nature with your family, and play a few sports.

  • Castles
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There are some great Castles in Copenhagen that can offer a little sneak peek into the history of this region. Due to the huge amount of information they provide, it is best to visit these places with your kids. Amalienborg and Rosenborg are two great castles to visit.

  • Planetarium

Observe the galaxies and milky ways in the night sky of Copenhagen Tycho Brahe Planetarium with your kids. This is no adventure park in literal meanings, but wandering in the stars is always adventurous in every way. 

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