Alive Forever – An Amazing Musical Film Video based on the Precious Yoga Message – ‘Aham Brahmasmi’

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Many individuals are afraid of getting old. Seeing their hair turn grey or their skin turn dull and sag seems like a saddening reality thrown up by life into them. However, with Alive Forever, individuals are reminded not to fear about getting old. They must remember that looks may change but the heart remains unchanged and the spirit remains full.

“Alive Forever” is an exclusive song written and performed in a short film was created by an internationally-renowned and legendary Yoga icon and teacher Wai Lana. The film was set in captivating scenes from the big parks in the city up to cherry tree orchards and ocean beaches allowing individuals of all ages and from all walks of life deal with the fear and sadness of growing old.


This film tends to share the old yoga wisdom which is expressed as the Aham Brahmasmi. This simply indicates that individuals are eternal spiritual beings, they are not their body and they will not die when their bodies die. This is indeed an inspiring and sweet short film with a soothing song “Alive Forever” which warms the heart with its simple yet impactful messages with the power to set individuals free from unwanted fear of aging.

As individuals hear and watch this short film, they can be happy and peaceful knowing that there are really no reasons to be afraid of growing old. According to Wai Lana, the true self is everlasting and is ever youthful. So instead of living in fear, it would be best to watch this short film and listen to its beautiful music.

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Upon doing so, you will surely feel relax happy and at peace. Aging can be part of the process but it is not something individuals should fear. It is better to cling on the profound truth that the true self is alive forever.

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