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Consciousness Evolution

Have you ever experienced a situation when you may have to learn something very tricky, and your focus may not be actually there? Yes, I had personally faced such a situation in my earlier days when my father took me to get admission in some special kind of classes where I had to give my precious time in learning the trickiest things; Yes, I am talking about the consciousness engineering.

As everybody has a conscious as well as the subconscious mind in which he/she may have several things being run on a regular basis, the Science and Technology has also given birth to the consciousness engineering which is very much easy to level up your speed.

Don’t you know about the Consciousness Evolution? Really?

Worried or Confused?

Just Relax And Have A Look-

You may get several different kinds of evolution strategies in your regular life but generally, there are about common stages or levels of Consciousness Evolution, and these are as follows-

Let’s Start With The Level 0 Which Is Of An Early Man-

What do you exactly get from the word “An Early Man”? Obviously, everyone can easily guess that he might be like an animal. In the earlier days, there was no food, no clothes, no shelters; and then what? The early men learned everything including hunting, gathering food, farming, wearing clothes, and much more. All such things have helped an early man to discover himself into a modern man who then led to the Consciousness Evolution.

Now, Just Move Towards The Level 1 From Level 0.

Level 1 Introduces You To A Modern Man-

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Now, the man has already learned several things including eating and wearing. The man has now entered into a world where he knows everything, i.e., to interact with the culture or religion. Here, the man learns to respect himself in this world of modernization. Now, he starts thinking about his career or become a popular or successful entrepreneur.

Now The Level 2 Introduces You To The World Of Culture Hacker-

IN such stage of the level, the man may start thinking about getting a college degree or may try to get answers to different questions related to the world all around us. He may also start thinking about hacking all such stuff.

Here Comes The Level 3 Which Is Related To The “The State Of Limitless”

In such a level, the man starts crossing or eliminating all the possible foundation may be there all around him or may also start to think limitless without any intention or another special purpose. It is a level which has brought a man to a new stage where he may have a mission of his own or have an aim to achieve something great or big in his life.

Let Us Come To The Level 4 Which Is Also Known As “The God Mind”

It is one of the mysterious states ever where you the man may experience the brief moments of his entire life. The level is related to your personal growth, and you can also use some different proven tools depending on your nature or behavior.

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