All you need to know about corporate training and Certifications

All you need to know about corporate training and Certifications

Every qualified professional dreams of working in a big corporate firm. At the same time corporate organizations are on the lookout for highly skilled candidates. But the competition is tough and there are many candidates in line for a single position.

In such a tight situation, if one wants to gain a competitive edge over the rest in his field there is a need to do more than what others are already doing. One such thing is adding up certifications to your CV to make it different from others. Few certifications to name are red hat training, Microsoft certification, and ACP training.

All you need to know about corporate training and Certifications

Apart from certifications mentioned above companies have to invest large amount of time and money on corporate training services and for their employees in order to enhance their professional skills. There are many corporate training providers in the market that offer their services to corporate giants. This training includes:

  • Effective communication- Inability to communicate can often lead to weak relationships at work and in turn affect the company’s success rate. Whether the communication is personal, oral, or written employees need to be well equipped with the basic ethics.
  • Time management- It is rightly said that “time is money” and more so in case of corporate organizations. It is thus important to give the appropriate training to the employees in time management.  Absence of such training can lead to missed deadline, stress, and inadequate work quality.
  • Leadership skills- Leadership skills ought to be imparted not only to managers and seniors but also to the junior employees. They will be the leaders/managers tomorrow and hence, preparing them in advance will help them to gain the essential traits of a good leader.
  • Teamwork- No organization can succeed without collective efforts from the employees. Hence, inculcating the spirit of teamwork right from the stage 1 is of utmost importance.
  • Workplace ethics- With increasing cases of workplace harassment it is essential to educate the employees regarding the general ethics to be followed within the organization. This will create a happy and friendly environment in the organization and will effectively lead to quality output from the employees and in turn benefit the organization in terms of profit and good work.
  • General Safety and emergency- Employee life is as important. Making sure that each one knows the safety rules is a must. What role each employee plays in cases of emergency will help in averting mishaps and save lives.
  • Cybersecurity Protocols- The biggest threat to businesses big or small is cyber-attacks and malwares. Employees are directly related to such matters and training them in cyber security basics will help in ensuring the protection of confidential data of the organization from attackers and competitors.
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In such a scenario if a potential candidate brings along certifications with him, he is surely going to enjoy a better position than the other candidates.

Let us list down a few certifications which a professional candidate must obtain so that his chances of landing in his dream corporate are increased drastically.

  1. ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner)- If you belong to an organization which is fast adapting agile practices and if you work on agile teams then ACP certification training is something that can enhance your agile skills and help you shine better. ACP is a rapidly growing training and certification. Companies that are responsive to the market dynamic and more agile are known to have achieved project success better than the non-agile counterparts. There are many approaches to agile like Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Extreme programming, and test-driven development. The certification helps candidates become more versatile and work efficiently under various projects.
  2. Microsoft certification training – Microsoft is the heart of any business. Organizations big or small rely on Microsoft for software support. Thus, no matter at what position you are or which industry you belong to having Microsoft knowledge will help you accelerate your career growth. There are constant upgradations in the Microsoft certification training in order to meet the growing technological demand. There are 3 levels of Microsoft Certified Professionals:
  • Technology Associate ( Microsoft Technology Associate Certification)
  • Solutions Associate (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Certifications)
  • Solutions Expert (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certifications)

Other Microsoft certifications include; Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Certified Trainer.

  1. Red hat training– If you are looking for enhancing your Linux operating system skills then red hat training is what you should be looking at. Not only does it enhance your skills but also makes your chances of getting better professional opportunities brighter. The list of courses includes RHCSA, RHCE, Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning, Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management, and so on.
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So think no more and enhance your career skills by adding these certifications

to your CV and increase your chances of a good corporate job.

All the best and good luck!

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