All You Need To Know About Moving A Fish Tank

All You Need To Know About Moving A Fish Tank

No matter whether you want to move your fish tank to your neighborhood or a long distance, the process of moving the same is not going to be easy at all. The process of ensuring its safety and security will remain the same, as there is no short cut or easy way to do it. Not only fish tanks are fragile but are extremely bulky to be transported thus you need both skill and strategy to do the same.

But, before you make the strategy to move your fish tank safely to its new location, it is really important to understand the difficulties associated with same. So here is the list of problems that best moving companies quote, you may have to face while packing and moving to the fish tank to your new house:

Breaking of the glass:

Fish tanks are usually made of glasses and are as fragile as mirrors or any other delicate item. No matter how big these fish tanks are, the chances are there that the glass may break during the transition, thus you must take care by providing enough cushioning material on both sides of the glass to save the same from breakage and to make it enable to absorb the shock.

Moving it in a one-piece:

Another challenge that you may have to face while moving a fish tank is to transport the same in one piece. The fish tanks are usually bulky and oversized, thus it is recommended to transport the same in pieces. You are really lucky if your fish tank can be disassembled as moving it in one piece is almost impossible.

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Like humans and other pets, even fishes take time to get adjusted in new surroundings. They react to ever minutest of change in temperature and can thus prove to be a little troublesome while moving altogether to a different location.

Moving a fish tank safely

Here are some tips to move your fish tank safely to its new destination

  • For a short distance movement, transport your fishes in sealed bags with enough water and oxygen to breathe.
  • In the case of long-distance movement, it is recommended to seek professional help for its safety and security.
  • You can always find new accommodation for your fish with some vet or professional till the time you prepare your tank for the movement.
  • Before you start removing the accessories from your fish tank, make sure to switch off the heater at least half an hour before.
  • Pumps and heaters of fish tanks are as fragile as any other item.
  • While transportation, make sure to keep the filters damp to preserve the bacteria required for the well being of the fish.
  • Preserve aquarium plants in a sealed bag to preserve its freshness and essence.
  • Last but not the least after setting an aquarium at the new place, do not introduce any new changes as your fishes might not adjust with the same.

Some companies might charge you extra for moving a delicate item like the fish tank. It is advisable to consider this extra cost while using a moving calculator to plan the moving budget.

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