An Introduction To Heating Elements

An Introduction To Heating Elements

Fire is an essential element in our lives, although we cannot use fire directly to our convenience. As a matter of fact, fire can prove to be a hazard if we do not remain careful from the same. Igniting fire takes however, time and hence heating elements were discovered which comes in different shapes and sizes. Heating elements in fact, had made our lives easy as it had provided us with several comforts. Such heating elements are the “fire” inside various electrical appliances, as well as electronic ones.

How do the heating elements work?

In spite of using several heating elements in our daily lives, we hardly think about the fact as to how it works. Experts had admitted that, a basic heating element is usually made of a coil. Very often a coil can be replaced with a ribbon as well. The ribbon which is embedded inside can either be straight or corrugated. At the same time, such a ribbon can be replaced with a normal strip of wire, that so act like the filament of a lamp. The basic function of such heating coils, ribbons, or strip of wire is to convert electrical energy into heat energy. This heat energy is finally percolated in the environment.

What are defrost heating elements?

Defrost heating elements are generally found in big refrigeration equipments. Such refrigeration equipments’ are generally used for commercial purposes. These kind of defrost heating elements can be linked to pipes or tanks as well. This is done in order to prevent the temperature from further going down. Electric defrost heating systems are also available in the market.

What are the purposes of heating elements?

It is interesting to note that, the purpose for installing these heating systems is basically to encourage energy conversion. More often than not, electricity is passed through such installed coils or wires or ribbons which encounter resistance depending on the conduction process. This can give rise to heat energy. Such heat energy is radiated in different directions. However, it is important to note that, the heat energy generated is independent of the direction of electricity movement.


The basic requirement of a heating element in our lives does remain eternally. Heat energy is required for various purposes and electrical equipments can provide the same. Electrical equipments are generally made of heating elements which come in various forms and sizes. However, expert technicians opine that, be it a heating coil, a heating ribbon or a wire based heating system, basic function remains to be conversion of electrical energy into heat. Heat which is converted through usage of electricity is disseminated into the environment as well as the end-user. However the quantum of heat energy generated can vary from one appliance to the other. Depending on the nature of the heating element and basic conduction features, heat energy generation can vary. Above all, the requirement of heating elements in our lives cannot be ignored. This is because the presence of such elements do lit up our lives through providing comfort and convenience.

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