Are WordPress themes replacing custom designs?

wordpress custom themes designing

Are WordPress Themes Replacing Custom Designs? This is a big question to answer because WordPress Themes has its own advantages and custom design has its own advantages. Deciding whether custom design should be replaced by WordPress Themes or not is quite difficult to do.

Today we will see what the difference between WordPress Themes and Custom Design is and why we should replace the custom design with WordPress Themes. Is it worth replacing or not?

wordpress custom themes designing

In order to give the opinion about “are WordPress Themes Replacing Custom Design”, we will first see the advantages of both and what the other developers prefer to use, then it will be easy to say which one is better.

There are many reasons behind the death of custom web designs, people now think that if they will use custom web design method, then theirwebsite will look very simple and same as other sites, so in order to make their website more powerful and attractive, many decided to move to WordPress Themes because of it’s promising features. So, yes, we can say that WordPress Themes are replacing custom design.

Even there are many web development company who choose WordPress Themes instead of doing custom web development.

Top 5 Advantages of WordPress Themes:

The advantages of these WordPress Themes are one of the main reason because of millions of people are now using these themes instead of using Custom Designs. No doubt, when these themes were not available, people were enjoying using custom designs, but now the scenario is changed.

  1. It is Affordable:
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When you will do the comparison between building a website from scratch and using a premium theme, you will automatically find that using a premium theme is much better option because it is cost-effective and inexpensive.

If you go with the custom web design it can cost you approx. $5,000 (starting range) up to $50,000 (ending range).

  1. It is customizable:

Most of the themes that you are using are easily customizable. You can customize the theme in the way you want to make your website, even you can also change the functionalities of your website. The credit for this goes to WordPress plugins. But the thing you need to take care of is, use only the plugins that you need, installing a lot of plugins will slow down your site.

  1. It is easy to manage the content:

Another reason because of which we must shift to using WordPress Themes is it is highly easy to manage the content. There are some themes available that include smart codes, so, all you need to do is just type your text, upload photo and video, and the leave the rest! WordPress is also considered as one of the widest platform that is being used as CMS in the world.

  1. It is user-friendly:

WordPress themes are free to use, still some of them are pro versions but you need to use the pro version only if you want to use the complete functionality and features of the theme otherwise you get all the necessary features in the free version. A complete community keeps working at the backend and it is their responsibility to maintain the theme by upgrading the core codes, so that it can become more user-friendly.

  1. It is mobile friendly:
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Same like you, millions of people are surfing internet from their smartphone only. So, it is very important to make your website mobile friendly and doing this is easy with WordPress. Few years ago, the scenario was complete different because at that time people were working on custom designs and for making a site mobile-friendly, it was mandatory to create two version of a website i.e. one for your desktop and one for your mobile.

So, looking at these points and features, yes WordPress themes are quickly replacing the custom designs and a time will come when people will only remember WordPress.

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