Banarsi Saree – Fashion of Every Season

Sarees are one of the common dresses of the Indian ladies. You will find numerous types of fabric like Georgette, chiffon, silk etc. in the sarees. But one of the famous fabrics is the Banarsi sarees which has its root lying in the glorious past of India. The sarees is particularly made in Varanasi by use of simple methods and tools and it takes around a month for completion of one saree. But with the evolution of technology, many companies have started to manufacture the material by machines and that too in a short span of time. Although this has increased the supply of the Banarsi sarees but the local weavers are suffering.

Banarsi Saree

Generally, Banarsi sarees consist of approximately five thousand and six hundred threads and most of them are 45 inch in width, power loom is used for building the base of Banarsi sarees. The weavers are required to work in team for making the Banarsi sarees, generally three weavers work together on one saree. You can easily purchase pure Banarsi silk saree online. But while purchasing online do not forget to check the rating of the product, reviews of customers and the return policy.

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The full length of Banarsi silk Saree is decorated with motifs or small booties. These motifs or booties can be foliate or floral. In addition to this, beautiful sequence work Banarsi sarees also come with delicate embroidery and zari work. Thus, you can easily select the one that suits your taste.

Opt for proper jewellery

Jewellery and other accessories help in enhancing your overall look, thus it is advisable to team up your outfit with proper accessories. Banarsi sarees offer quite ethnic look, thus you must complement your Banarsi silk sarees with ethnic jewellery. If you are steeping forward to wear Banarsi sarees then you must consider the jewellery keeping the following points in mind –

  • Work of your saree – you must decide the type of your jewellery considering the type of work in your saree like you must pair up your Banarsi sarees having gold zari with gold necklace, earnings etc. You must opt for platinum jewellery in case your Banarsi saree is having silver embroidery.
  • Fabric of your saree- consider the fabric of your sarees like if you are opting for ethnic kanchipuaram silk then heavy gold set would complement the best. On the contrary, if you are opting for light cotton, silk beads necklace, and terracotta set etc. would be the best choice.
  • Occasion – now you know what type of jewellery will suit your sarees, but the design and type of jewellery should be decided keeping in mind the occasion for which you are getting ready. For example, Banarsi sarees with gold zari work is paired with gold accessories but whether to opt for a heavy gold necklace or to wear a simple pendent should be decided keeping in mind the occasion.

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