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Exercising is something that you have to commit to. If you say that you’re going to start exercising, make sure that you stick to that promise and continue to keep it until you have reached your goal at the end of the day. You have to promise yourself that when you make this commitment that you’re going to take better care of your body. Many people say that they’re going to start something, and two to three days later they just decide that they’ve had enough. You have to commit. You have to be self-disciplined and stick to the task ahead.

You don’t have to go to gym, but you can bring the gym to you. Barbell exercises have become well-known in gyms and in homes, and there are a few exercises one can perform with a barbell. The Bench Press is quite simple, and it’s recommended that you start off using lighter weights before going on to the heavier weights. To perform the Bench Press exercise you have be lying on a bench with the barbell touching your chest. Your hands must be at shoulder width. Start raising the weight until your arms are fully extended above your chest. Repeat. The exercise works on the chest, upper arms, back and the shoulders.

The next exercise is the Two Arm Curl. Your feet have to be slightly apart – basically inline with your shoulders. Your legs and back must be straight at all times. With the barbell in both hands, curl it up towards your chest and under your chin. This exercise works on the forearms and the biceps.

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The Seated Military Press is a little tricky. The barbell has to behind your neck and rested on your shoulders. For this exercise you have to be seated on a flat, solid chair or on a bench. Your back has to be straight and your feet must be a reasonable distance apart. Start by raising the barbell over your head until your arms are fully erected. Lower the barbell and repeat to start place. Don’t forget to breathe.

The following exercise is called the Upright Row. Stand with your feet apart and inline with your shoulders. Hold the barbell near the center of the bar – with a six-inch gap between the hands. Raise the barbell up to the chin, and keep in mind to keep your elbows higher than your shoulders.

The Toe Raises exercise is great for building up those calf muscles. Your feet have to be inline with your shoulders. Raise the bar in one movement until your arms are fully extended above your head before lowering it behind your neck and resting it on the shoulders. Raise yourself up on your toes as far as you can and hold that position for two counts. Slowly lower you heels onto the floor and repeat the exercise.

For those shoulders, have your feet apart and inline with your shoulders. With your arms fully extended, hold the barbell across your thighs and make sure that your knuckles are facing forward. Shrug your shoulders up, to the back and then down while exhaling. Repeat the exercise. You could also try rolling your shoulders up, then back and then forward.

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The Deep Knee Bends is an exercise that focuses on the thighs and more other muscle groups compared to other exercises. Again, with your feet apart and inline with your shoulders, lift the barbell from the floor to your chest before raising it over your head and resting it at the back of your neck and on your shoulders. With that position, squat and then repeat the exercise.

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