Be Expert in Online Skype Interview

Be Expert in Online Skype Interview

Although the candidates can see the interviewer on skype, but many other things differ when compared to the real in person interviews. Therefore, one needs to get prepared in accordance to that. This article will help you getting at ease with technology and to become an expert with online interviews through Skype software.

Be Expert in Online Skype Interview

Understand the corporate culture

Show the employer through your dressing that you have immense respect for their precious time and that you consider the importance of the corporate culture even though it is just an online interview over Skype. Avoid bringing disappointment by wearing casuals. Wear formals just the way you would have worn if it was a physical interview. Also, experts say that you might have to stand up while the interview is going on so you should dress up professionally from head to toe. Some experts advise that formal dressing gets the candidate in the right frame of mind and helps him get through the interview way better.

The background mania

Also, clean your surroundings before the interview starts and choose a place where the background is clean and interruption of any kind, whether traffic noise or anything else is least. It would be wise to choose a desk with a plain wall behind. Take special care of the lightings as no one wishes to see a darkened face because of poor lighting. Set up the camera such that only your face, hair and chest with hands are visible to the interview. Do not keep the camera to close to yourself as to appear a giant figure. Keep your mobile phone on the silent setting to avoid any sort of distractions and noises. Know that if you show carelessness and forget to do it, and your cell rings during the interview, this might ruin the entire game.

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Get yourself familiar with technology beforehand

Make sure everything is at your tips before the interview. Install skype if you don’t already have it and ask a friend to help you learn how to operate in case you are using it the very first time. It is no big deal so relax. Once you get through this, carry out a testimonial video call with any of your close acquaintances. Pretend it to be a real interview. Ensure that your video reaching your friend is good in quality and well lightened, and that your voice is uninterrupted and clearly audible. Check for your internet signals and choose the place for interview where they are highest. Look for the angle which best suits you and sit accordingly in front of the web cam.

In case, besides all the precautionary measures, something still turns out wrong, then don’t your nerves. It is quite normal and the interviewers are used to it. But yes, you are supposed to get back to them and redial the call as soon as the issue gets resolved. This shows how professional you are.

Be on time

Make all the technological arrangements in time and 1 hour prior to the interview, you should be all set with a notebook in hand a glass of water with you. Call the interviewer ten minutes earlier so that there is no chance of embarrassment afterwards. Remember, no excuses will be acceptable as it is a professional world and you are expected to behave accordingly.

Send right signals through body language

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To maintain eye contact with the interviewer, look right in the lens of the camera rather than on the screen. Keep a smile on your face throughput the interview. Gie positive vibes to the interviewer by showing that you are listening to every word of his very keenly. Do not let nervousness appear on your facial expressions even for once. Feel as if the interviewer is physically right in front of you and there is no screen barrier in between.

Build up an engaging digital chemistry

Since you are not able to make a physical greeting in the interview, nod your head a little along with bending your shoulder a bit as a gesture of saying “hello”. The first few moments of an interview are the main determining factor in whether the interviewer is interested to further talk to you or not.

Sound natural

The worst you can do to yourself in a skype interview is to sound too unreal and rehearsed. Speak whatever comes into your mind after a couple of moments of thinking.

Gratitude and conclusion

On the ending note, summarize all the essential points discussed in the interview and then before leaving say goodbye in a pleasant yet professional way with a thankyou not.

Follow up

Use a mail instead of messaging on skype, to send a thankyou not after the interview. This would seem much more pleasing and impressing.

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