Beautiful Homes: Four Signs You Are Addicted to Home Improvement Projects

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design” –Dr. Ralf Speth

With the rise of home improvement shows and the popularity of inspiration websites such as Pinterest, home renovation projects have never looked so appealing. In these days wherein people are encouraged to personalize and put more character into their homes, undertaking a home renovation project is pretty much akin to a simple embellishment in the family house.

Home Improvement Projects

There has never been any doubt that home renovation projects are integral to preserving the family home. But with the rising popularity of DIY home projects, home renovation projects are becoming more of a homeowner’s want than a need. Indeed, what used to be only a thing of necessity, before has now become a regular occurrence for many. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, a homeowner’s obsessive and compulsive desire to persistently redecorate and renovate their homes can spell a financial disaster. Furthermore, it could also possibly affect your home’s potential resale value. After all, what is beautiful to you may not necessarily be so for others.

In any case, if you have ever wanted to do some redecorating in your units in Arca South Taguig  or elsewhere, take a gander at this list and see if you have developed an addiction to home renovation projects:


1.)  You always see a home’s potential rather than its flaws

Home renovation addicts tend to focus on a home’s potential rather than its flaws. They do not see the chipping paint nor the rotting floor. Instead, they see it as a realm of possibilities. In one way or another, this is a good thing as they would fill the gap between a current house and a dream house. Additionally, to some of these renovation addiction addicts, an older home means it has more character and more quirk. To home renovation addicts, there are no mediocre homes—only homes that can be reimagined.

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2.)  It is not about impressing the neighbors

Improving your curb appeal and aesthetically enhancing your garden both have never been about impressing your neighbors. In fact, it is not even about having the perfect home to you. Your constant desire to improve your homes has never been motivated by wishing to make a better impression on your neighbors—but rather, it is making your houses feel like more of a home to you. You love the process as well as the products, and if your neighbors have something to say about it, that is on them.


3.)  You have an emotional connection to your home

More often than not, a homeowner who has spent so much of his or her time in making an existing home into their dream one would feel a pang of regret the moment they have to leave it. This is because they have developed a strong emotional connection to their homes. After all, so much time, effort and money have gone into redecorating it before they can truly call it their own. To them leaving their homes is akin to leaving a part of themselves behind.


4.)  Your house is never really finished

…and part of you never wishes it would be. In fact, you live for the excitement of the next upcoming renovation. The moment you finish a project, you are already planning for your next one and so on—it is a never-ending cycle. To you, your home is in a perpetual state of progress. What may seem like an exhausting job to some is an intriguing prospect to you. In this regard, you view home renovation projects as somewhat of a therapy that relaxes your mind and calms you down.

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