Beauty Tips for a Teenager or Someone Just Starting out with Makeup


Are you someone who is a complete newbie to makeup? Not to worry! Everyone does something for the first time. And then, they master the art. A number of MUAs (makeup artists) online are self-taught and mastered the art of makeup. They started with the very simple basics. It’s all about practice and your learning potential. Just like so many other things, the internet is our savior in this regard as well. The internet is full of all sorts of makeup and beauty advice that will help you learn makeup and practice the tricks conveniently. I am a self-taught makeup artist and I have to admit that the internet was a huge help in making me the artist that I am today. With my Frontier Internet Packages, I was able to learn a lot from the Instagram and YouTube makeup tutorials. And, I didn’t just learn the makeup hacks and tricks but also got some amazing product recommendations which changed my beauty game altogether. I just want to share that I started with tiny basics and that’s exactly how you will learn it too.

Many girls and teens struggle to know as to where to begin when it comes to their makeup. Trust me; there are no hard and fast rules. You don’t have to essentially do the eyes first and the foundation later. It’s all about how you can do it better. So, for all the newbies and beginners out there, I have given these convenient suggestions to make makeup easy for you. Good luck girls!

  • Beauty Blender

The original beauty blender may cost you around $20 but you really get more bang for your buck with this amazing tool. Most of the newbies have difficulties with applying flawless foundation and they consider it the biggest makeup challenge. This little sponge helps you achieve ultimate blending and gives your face a perfect application of foundation and concealer. It is best for using cream contours, cream blush, cream highlighters, and even setting powder. It effectively helps you cover all the tiny crevices in your skin. You can even save money on purchasing makeup brushes if you use the beauty blender the right way. Just make sure that you keep it clean and use it a little damp. It is surely a great pick for newbies!

  • Right Choice of a Concealer
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Applying concealer takes some effort every time, even for pro makeup artists. The key is to choose the right concealer that blends well and stays intact. NARS Radiant Glow and MAC Pro long wear are absolutely great choices in concealers. They are full coverage and last around 15 hours. If you don’t have uneven patches and marks on your skin, you can even use them as your foundation. They cover the intensely stubborn breakouts and you still manage to look pretty natural.

  • Invest in High-Quality Brushes

Brushes are important! Very important actually. If you don’t use the right brushes, even the best of products won’t come out nice. Brushes ensure perfect application of any product for which they are used. People usually tend to ignore this makeup staple. Yes, fingers can do the job but not as efficiently as brushes will. Also, with fingers, there are always breakouts. Plus it gets all messy and your hands catch all the makeup. Instead of getting any brush set off the drugstore brands, get your hands on high-quality makeup brushes once and for all. They will stay good for a long time. My recommendations are Morphe and Tarte brushes. Personally, I like to buy brushes separately as I am not a fan of getting so many brushes in sets. I only use a few and therefore, I buy them separately. Brushes by Elf are inexpensive and are a great choice for newbies. Make sure you keep your brushes clean.

  • Invest in a Setting Spray

One of the worst feelings is having all your makeup chipping and flaking off due to perhaps, humid weather, long hours, combination skin, and so on. A good quality makeup setting spray will help you out of this makeup worry. So far, Urban Decay and MAC have come up with the best setting spray.  They keep your makeup intact for long hours and give you a flawless, dewy finish.

  • Don’t Miss the Mascara
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Personally, I’m not a big fan of fake lashes. Therefore, I always recommend investing in a high-end, voluminous mascara that gives your lashes a natural length and volume. Use a lash curler and get a nice mascara because, without it, no makeup look can ever be complete. One of my favorite mascaras ever is Diorshow. I recently read reviews of some of the Tarte mascaras on my Xfinity Internet Plans and they also sound amazing.

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