Benefits You Can Reap Studying Sociology, History And Anthropology

Benefits You Can Reap Studying Sociology, History And Anthropology

Sociology and History

Sociology is a great way to understand how women and different races are treated and interact with each other. Social communion is a complicated process and has been shaped over a long period of time. That is why it may do you some good to take up history to learn about the Cultural Revolution, like the time women fought for their right to vote, or the historic moment in 1955 when black women refused to be segregated from the white population. My favorite was the story of the brave and outstanding Rosa Parks; an inspirational black lady who was asked to move to the back of the bus by the white driver, and she boldly refused. Her arrest sparked a nationwide revolution and even Martin Luther King Jr. himself mentioned her as the reason for the black population uprising.

Understanding the birth reasoning of problems in our community is the first step to join the ranks of feminism among black women.


Human history is ripe with cultural issues and sexism. Anthropology teaches you how such problems work on a human level by showing you why people in general have been shaped into what they are now. There is a reason why the black people were brought to America as slaves, and why Europeans regarded the black population as ‘savages’.

Evolution has shaped humans to make unjust distinctions based on the color of our skin. Some may ignore this fact, but black women simply can’t stand by it. Many great thinkers and leaders that have sparked a revolution were students of anthropology and deem the subject as a crucial course for students interested in empowerment over cultural issues related to racism. Condoleezza Rice herself quoted anthropology as ‘the most important course she ever took in college’ and it excelled her into the United States government.

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All great changes have humble beginnings. Fighting against most common cultural issues is a matter of educating yourself enough to know how it began in the first place and how it has warped with time and ages.

As college students, the best way to channel our passion into solving this modern issue is to use your resources to get to the root of these problems, and then using your increased understanding to challenge it loudly.

Author Bio: Joe Pirest is a college counselor and career advisor. He mostly writes for help with dissertation writing to educate young students on how they can enrich their experiences as they approach adulthood and face the real world

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