Benefits of Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System

This is the age of technological advancement. Technology has blessed people with so many great benefits and almost taken over all the realms of our daily lives. It has changed our lives abruptly and also has made it faster and simpler. Every aspect of human life has been transformed since technology started to improve.

From the method of working in the offices to the way of traveling, from communication to lifestyle- technology has brought change in everything. Especially in the medical sphere, the methods of medical tests have been changed a lot. What we see today in the laboratories is actually modern centers of excellence and this change could be possible mainly because of the laboratory information management system, it has transformed the old school systems in the labs completely. With the progress of science and technology, medical science also has seen so many changes for good of course.

Here are some effective benefits of the Laboratory Information Management System which have changed and transformed the laboratory scenario:-

Reduction of Human Error: Even a few years ago, the laboratories used to be operated by human force only and there used to be a number of errors well. But even a little mistake in these medical report can put your life in danger. But what was quite impossible few years back is now a reality.

With the blessings of technology, modern laboratory Information Management System, it has been possible to automate all the data related to all the tests and the lab and each and every task on one single platform. For this new system, the manual efforts are also reduced, otherwise it was extremely laborious. Also, the chance of human errors have reduced a lot and all the process have become very quick.

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Real-Time Tracking & Time Saving: Previously, the process of doing the tests was very time to consume. Especially the act of transferring the samples, both the registered outgoing samples and the registered incoming samples used to waste a lot of time. Because of the modern information for laboratory management system, have their own modules of sample tracking. So, the process has become very easy and quick, you just need to scan the barcode.

Also, the whole process is now being monitored by a person with the help of live tracking. A technician now can manage the entire workflow by keeping an eye on the real-time tracking of the collected samples. So, to do this entre monitoring, the technician just need to do a few clicks on the computer screen.

Increase in Revenue: Now, all the inventory, financial, operational and financial reports, and tests are available in a number of formats and that has been possible because of the modern lab info Management System. This modern management system helps the owners of the laboratories to mine the data, then analyze all the trends and then to make the accurate and error-free projections. These projections are very useful when it comes to making strategic decisions related to all the operations of the laboratory.

Consumption-based Inventory Alert: Purchases can also be automated with the help of the Laboratory Information Management System. Yes, this may sound impossible but it is possible now. Through the expiration alerts and the predictive reordering, these automated purchase are now being possible. So, this process helps to eliminate any kind of wastage, the pilferages are being controlled and the cost is also being reduced. So, no clients will turn away because of the non-availability of the inventory.

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Elimination of the Workload and Stress: An efficient and good Laboratory Information Management System forms the backbone of the laboratory. The workload of both the lab owners and the managers have reduced significantly as this developed management system has automated the processes and tasks of the very core system. So the people of the laboratories can now invest a lot more time into thinking about the business and profits of the laboratories.

Medication is now much more based on evidence. With each day numerous disease are being discovered and with that new method of detection and new medicines are also being invented with that. It is very important for the labs to perform their work accurately and effectively, otherwise, if there is an error in the results, it will lead to the wrong diagnosis of the patient. So just to get quicker and more accurate results, in the last few years, the human center’s system in the labs have transformed into an automated system.

It used to take a long time for the doctors and the pathologists to check and approve each every report. LIMS consists of an authorized feature for which the reports with normal value are being approved so a lot of workload and stress can be avoided now. And also, they can only focus on the reports which are critical or have abnormal values.

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