Best Debt Recovery in Melbourne, Australia

Best Debt Recovery in Melbourne, Australia


 Sustaining your income when it comes to business is very essential. By writing off debts you may not be able to improve your business which can eventually lead to appearing as easy targets with such an approach.

We work with our clients

Having someone to handle your debt recovery can help you concentrate on doing what you do best as we take care of your debt. We do not believe in pushing your prestigious clients to Court but we work by engaging with our clients initially, advising them on a few methods of how they can empower their process for better debt collection system inside their own organization. We believe that when you can strengthen your methods of debt recovery in Melbourne, collection of debt will be made surprisingly effortless. We have recovered huge sums for several satisfied clients: ranging from individual debt collection to debt collections for national and multi-national corporations, as well as debt collection agencies. We can assist you with all aspects of your situation: starting from negotiations, drafting statements of claim and other court documents, drafting and advising upon credit forms and terms of trade, as well as representing you in court.

Best Debt Recovery in Melbourne, Australia

How we collect your accounts?

We help you recover your debt like it was our own.  We adapt a quick and cost effective way of approach to your debtors.

  • Initial letters 

We believe in approaching your debtors giving an option of full amount settlement or settlement in installments.  We do not believe in pulling your debtors to the court at the first instance.  To pursue the debtors we send a final notice letter on our letterhead or we produce a solicitor’s letter of demand.

  • Telephonic demand
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Once the letters are sent and if there is no response from the debtor or if they do not negotiate and settle the payment, we follow up with a telephonic demand and take all the pre legal steps to recover your debts.  If your debtor is a company we also take efforts in listing their credit history as default of our clients behalf. We do follow a protocol for debts recovery in Melbourne, but we are more than happy to tailor your own course of services to suit your needs.

  • Legal steps

If the debtor does not reciprocate to any off the pre legal warnings, we choose to approach them legally to recover your debts.  This includes a legal claim followed by court proceedings and a hearing. After obtaining judgment either the debtor is asked to pay on full or a mutual negotiation is obtained about the settlement.


Your time and efforts are valuable and we understand that.  Running behind your debtors can cause you stress and time loss.  That is why we are here to help you. Our services are 100 percent performance based.  We make sure to adapt the best protocol that is most effective and cost sensitive so that you can sit back and relax while we take your debts as our own and strive for settlement. Debt recovery in Melbourne is made absolutely effortless with us.

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