Best in Class Genset Installation and Generator Suppliers in Delhi

Best in Class Genset Installation and Generator Suppliers in Delhi

Electricity is the basic need of every household, business, and in each and every sector in the country. Being the capital city of the largest democracy, Delhi always gets an average power requirement of close to 6000 MW every year. This is the largest ever that is recorded by the capital city and the numbers are expected to rise every time. The average generation recorded would be close 1200 Million Megawatts, some of which are generated and some are imported. But the electricity sector is expected to rise at an exponential rate in the coming years.

OVN, a Delhi based power generating company is propelling towards glory and scaling insurmountable heights in terms of providing their unparalleled service. The company has been highly rated with respect to being the apex distributor and dealer of generators in the country. With a slew of services including sales, services, installation and maintenance, and so on and so forth, it is one of the best generator suppliers in Delhi.

The company is also involved in providing affordable Genset installation in Delhi as well. Some of the variants manufactured by them are listed out below,

  • 400 KVA Generator
  • 500 KVA Generator
  • 625 KVA Generator
  • 750 KVA Generator
  • 1000 KVA Generator
  • 1010 KVA Generator
  • 1250 KVA Generator
  • 1500 KVA Generator
  • 2000 KVA Generator
  • 2250 KVA Generator
  • 3000 KVA Generator

Each and every one of the Gensets is equipped with fully automated electronic engines that are top of the line coupled with the latest innovations in the sector. OVN brings their experienced team to look into every issue that is faced providing solutions which is efficient and saves time if business needs depend upon the same. OVN also manufacturers and provides AMCs, generator parts, oils and batteries at competitive price ranges which gives the customers a total confidence in the brand.

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Since 1949, OVN has fought its way through many of the challenges, fighting bigwigs in this domain and have made a name for themselves. They have evolved time and again, dating back from the technology which they used back then, till the technology which they are utilizing now. OVN’s record of cheap genset installations is an achievement for them beyond a shred of doubt.  They have fully functional workshops and facilities across the Northern India, a feat that none have achieved till date.

OVN also provides generator- based services to rail engine testing phases as well, which is very instrumental in the growth of the nation as well. The company also provides 24×7 services on their generators and have gained a solid footprint in North India. This ensures that their customers remain real and loyal, because they know that the company will take care of their needs.

Being on the top of the generator supply chain in Delhi is a tough job for any other company, but not for OVN. They have made it this far through hard work, perseverance and true grit, something that other companies rarely do.

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