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Photoshop image editor

Having beautiful moments and capturing them is something which you can control with your camera, but Background in images is something in which you don’t have any control. So, you may capture some images from your camera where the person is looking perfect but you caught that pic in a weird background and now you ashamed to show that to your friends. In such scenario the only fix is to remove that background which can be established by making it either transparent or Cut/paste that into another background. Either ways the initial step is to make the background transparent, and that can be done with ease using some image Transparent converting Software/tools. So, here are some of the best one which you should try.


Photoshop image editor

Adobe Photoshop which is usually spell as Photoshop, is one of the top branded software in the era of  image editing. Photoshop is basically designed for professionals who can perform various editing tasks regarding Image editing. Because it can be bit difficult for you, if you are trying it for the first time. Once you are master with Photoshop you can do any kind of image editing which basically means, you will be able to edit images in professional way depends upon how sharp you learned. Similarly, you can make any image background using Photoshop and it’s not actually that tough than other image editing task, especially if you are doing it in Photopshop. Although Internet is full of resources to get started with learning, on how you can perform any task. You can find tons of Photoshop editing tutorial on YouTube and other web platforms as well which can help you make a transparent images.

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microsoft paint

If you are thinking that paint is just for drawing then you are probably wrong. Paint also has ability to perform various image editing tasks and making background transparent is one of them. There are few steps which you should follow if you are trying to make transparent background in paint. It is not that much powerful picture editing tool but you can use it as a light weight tool for cropping and modifying your pictures with ease.



PhotoScissors is one of the best software which is specialized for image transparency. It has rich features and has foreground segmentation which enables new smart ways of removing backgrounds from still images with ease. It saves a your times and when you quickly needs to remove background of cut a person from an image and paste into another image. Unlike Photoshop, with PhotoScrissors you don’t need any professional skills to make a transparent background.

Transparent Image Converter

Transparent Image Converter

Here comes another software which can help you out with the process of making transparent images. And the name specifies, Transparent Image Converter is specialized for making transparent images and is really good at it. The amazing part about this image transparent tool is that its totally free of cost so you don’t have to worry about paying a single penny for using it. The outcome of transparent image by using this software is generally in .png format. To get started, all you need to do is, select the color and convert it to transparent background. Manually adjust the Threshold level You can covert two different color to transparent using Reconvert option. Change the original size to any size.

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