Best Time For Trekking Nepal Himalaya

Best Time For Trekking Nepal Himalaya

‘a country where one can visit all times of the year for various treks’

Best Time for Trekking Nepal Himalaya, one would be surprised that the country offers travelers with many and various options to choose as per your duration and time frame of the holidays for trekking in Nepal Himalaya.

As Nepal has four main seasons: spring (mid-February to May), summer/monsoon (June to August), autumn (September to November) and winter months (from December to mid-February).

Best time for trekking in Nepal Himalaya according to trekkers and adventurer choice and interest and as well the grading of the treks, where most of the moderate and short trekking can be done almost around the year, except for monsoon wet months of June to August.

Best time for trekking in Nepal Himalaya where most travelers enjoy being in the mountains during the springtime of March to May where days are clear most of the days with longer sunlight hours.

Springtime of March to May with bright hills as wildflowers are in season bloom with riots of colors that makes a great contrast against white snow-capped peaks with green hills and vibrantly colorful flowers.

Best time of Trek in Popular Trekking Region

Around southern Annapurna-Langtang and mid-hills of Everest and mostly around Nepal Mid East and Far MidWest where hills are covered with rhododendron forest with flowers that shade the light on walks making more interesting when wildflowers including rhododendron of various species from trees to bushes.

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Can get cold in the morning and night time during spring time of March to May with chances of thunder showers and snow sometimes around higher elevation including Everest Base Camp Trek.

But good times to travel around Nepal Himalaya during this best month around springtime with green forest and flowers with views of a mountain range and walking around nice farm villages.

Another best time is autumn/fall season when most of the days are clear for views with pleasant walks although days are short due to autumn times of September to November months where sunlight hours are much shorter than the spring season.

Nevertheless one of the peak and high season for trekking and other adventures around the Himalaya region of Nepal, truly delightful times for beautiful scenic views of the country in the shade of high snow-capped peaks.

Are there any alternatives?

Next comes winter months from December to mid-February a low season for trekking around Himalaya, but best for short duration trekking and hiking for a few days to a week that does not involve high passes can get snowed in the wintertime. Winter times although not the best time but for travelers who like less number of people on mainstream trekking trails, it would be the best time also with few trekkers around than on main high season of spring and autumn/fall.

Winter season another good time although days are much shorter with sunlight hours with crystal clear morning to catch views of the mountain range and walking around high mid-hills around Nepal Himalaya region.

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Travelers can choose from a wide range of adventure from moderate, adventurous to challenging treks depending upon the best time for trekking around different regions of Nepal Himalaya.

Moderate trekking of short duration to a week where one can travel throughout the year-round, except the monsoon rainy months where heavy dark clouds obstruct the views and make harder walking on wet grounds.

For Adventurous trekking of week or more, the best times would be from March to May and September to November and will be good to cross high passes if the trek itinerary includes high passes above 5,000 meters like in Manaslu, Annapurna Circuit or any other high altitude destinations.

Adventurous trekking grade around spring and autumn time will be the best where some days in the late afternoon can get clouded with cold freezing temperatures sometimes and chances of snow on treks and high passes.

Trekkers taking adventurous and challenging treks in April and May and September to November will be best to join in when days clear for views and walks as well making much possible to traverse and cross high passes during spring and autumn seasons.

Climate and Temperatures:

Climate with various temperatures as per altitude and seasonal wise around mid-hills in the springtime during day temperatures of maximum + 20° C to + 25° Celsius with minimum during morning and night time can drop to -0° C to + 05° Celsius.

Above 2,500 m to 5,000 meters altitude where temperatures during the day time in the sun will be pleasant of maximum + 15° C to + 20° Celsius with minimum temperatures of -05° C to – 10° or – 15° Celsius.

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Above 3,000 meters sunlight are brilliant and stronger due to less oxygen and thin air where UV is stronger than other areas of the planet, trekkers need full preparation wearing the right gear to keep the sun and heat off.

Can get snowed sometimes during spring and autumn season also, trekkers taking higher trail and passes might encounter cold temperature with wind chill factor that adds extra cold.

Trekking in the offseason of Monsoon times:  

Nepal an amazing country where travelers can travel high Himalaya even around a wet season of monsoon times that falls from June till August months, where the southern part of Himalaya with heavy rains for some days with warm temperatures for walking on wet times of monsoon.

Trekking in the offseason during monsoon times where Nepal offers treks to Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo and Humla and Limi areas as these high dry and arid regions of Nepal Himalaya falls within rain-shadow area, where monsoon heavy dark clouds blocked by the Himalayan chain of mountains.

Where trekking around high Mustang and Dolpo best times will be from April to October including wet monsoon season.

For botanist and naturalist and flower lovers best time in the wet season of monsoon when hills and valleys are alive with lush and green vegetation with blankets of miniature flowers which makes pretty pictures.


As trekking in Nepal can be done for a whole year in spite of climate change in every 3-4 month. Trekking destination have their own best time of trek schedule. The best time to trek in Nepal is October/November time. As there won’t be any risk to go for the trek.

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