Breath meditation- how to practice it?

Breath meditation- how to practice it?

Breathing meditation brings in watchful consciousness and increased focus into human minds. One experiences several emotions of calmness, relaxation, peacefulness and stillness of mind and body. It helps in acquiring stability in the thoughts that keep on giving jitters by running without control all the time.

When we listen to the principals of Buddha, because breathing and meditation are the core techniques of Buddhism, the goal of meditation is to attain “Nirvana”. The state of “Nirvana” refers to the state of freedom from all emotions that cause us pain and suffering. When one attains “Nirvana” there is no suffering due to our emotions, expectations and causes in the world. Read more about this here. Breath meditation- how to practice it?

We can attain the realisation of higher self by controlling the rhythm of our breaths and practicing breath meditation.

How to practice breathe meditation?

The practice of breathing and meditation is very simple and doesn’t require any formal preparation. The technique is elaborated here: 

  • Choose a quiet place for meditation:

It is important that we try to avoid all kinds of distraction while doing meditation. Especially for the beginners it is must to start practicing meditation in a quiet, clean and noise free area. The distractions make our thoughts to wander which disrupts our practice. Therefore, choose the corner of your house where you can sit back quietly for sometime without any disturbance.

  • Acquire the right posture:

Although padmasana is considered the optimum posture to practice breathing meditation, but if you are not comfortable in that position, choose a sitting posture of your choice. Keep in mind that your back must be upright and straight including your head. At the same time there should be no discomfort for your body while you sit in the position of meditation. Make yourself seated comfortable with straight back and legs folded in the appropriate manner. Touch your thumb with the index finger and put your hands on the knees. Close your eyes. Now you are ready to move on to the next step.

  • Start meditation:
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We have to start our practice of breathing and meditation now. Start breathing slowly and attain relaxation first. Enjoy the oxygen filling up in your lungs and exhaling thoroughly. Do repetitions of this mode for several times. Then start brining all your attention to the pattern of breathing. There are several ways to bring focus at one place. The easy one is to keep a count of your breath. Start counting your breath in set of 10 and repeat. It will help you in keeping your concentration to breaths. When you feel that you are thorough with the counting, try to notice the flow of breath in your body from nostrils to lungs to oxygen pipe to lungs and vice versa. Enjoy the peacefulness that every breath fills in to your mind through its swaying acts.

  • Breath out negativity:

Gradually with time and practice you will be able to focus on your breath. Once you acquire the breathing practice focus, start training your mind to eject all the negativity out of your way. With each breath that you exhale, inculcate the negative emotions and culminations of mind to go out.

Inhale the positive energy and make your world- a happy space to dwell in. The fruits of meditation are extremely sweet and can be enjoyed all through the life in every moment that we live.

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