7 Thrifty Methods To Boost Your Business: TikTok Advertising

Boost Your Business: TikTok Advertising

TikTok is one of the successful apps that crushed the global marketing platforms with their viral content. Over 800 million active users participate in the social media party, where it has turned to be the world’s second-largest app. 

The primary key to success depends on its unique model that offers; this was the first app to give away the 15 second-or-less videos followed by the pre-recorded audio clips or the background music. You can also apply several customized features like filters, custom stickers, add effects, and labels for your videos. 

How to Use TikTok?

TikTok works on entirely different techniques, say using the algorithm value content above the number of followers. The business on TikTok is unaware of elaborating its audience through followers. Finally, the TikTok algorithm means making its capable content viral and reaching millions of people. 

There are seven different steps to make your TikTok advertising binge-worthy content that ultimately promotes your business and advertising campaign!

1. Build Funny Content:

TikTok works for humor content, where it refers to the trending concept. This platform is not a suitable space for your regular large scale video ads. Moreover, your TikTok videos need to be wholly grabbing and enjoyable to attain the highest number of users. 

You can film your TikTok videos on your smartphone, and it only works on creativity and the ability to create a sense of humor. The video content relies on both factors like product type and industry.

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TikTok performs this genre of excellent content: comedy skits, product demonstrations, music covers, and dancing videos. Also, you even build fashion tips or beauty clips, where there are several options. In case you can make a fun collage for your photography website that works collaborated by a viral soundtrack. 

2. Advertising using In-Feed: 

TikTok’s In-feed ads are short advertising videos displayed on the user’s Discover feed in between them. In-feed videos grab the attention of the users that appear on the full screen. Yet, the users have the perfect chance to skip them. 

Also, In-feed ads display on the screen for a few seconds; it’s essential to make a proper right impression and redirect their viewers to take action. You can also embed a link to your brand’s landing page or your app.

3. Use of Hashtag Challenges:

Hashtags play a significant role in the TikTok platform, where the users can share and find the content with thor assistance. Moreover, the entire communication depends on unique TikTok hashtags. 

Marketers who want to promote their businesses within the platform can use the hashtag challenge. Hence, primarily hashtag challenges motivates the users to remake and share their videos. Hashtag challenges are vital to increasing brand awareness and accepting users to interact with your content directly. 

Users check their hashtag challenge, which means redirected to the challenge page. The challenge page includes detailed instructions on what users have to do if they want to participate; every video participating in the challenge displayed under the particular hashtag’s name. The popular hashtag challenge has been viewed on their trending page.  

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4. How to use Sponsored Hashtag Challenge:

Often, every hashtag challenge requires a small trigger for their videos to go viral. You can also promote your video by sponsoring a hashtag challenge. The campaigns with the sponsored hashtag appear on their main discovery feed, where you get a bunch of users to check your videos. 

 For example, the fashion brand Guess started a sponsored TikTok challenge back in 2019. This challenge motivated its audience to post both before and later using the Guess clothing on their videos with the hashtag #InMyDenim. As a result, the campaign ran viral as many influencers worked with the brand Guess. 

5. Working with Influencers:

Real marketing magic depends on the significant influencer, where your brand can be introduced to your TikTok community with several numbers of shares, that, too, mainly if you are new to the platform. You can launch your brand by collaborating with well-known social media influencers to grow your visibility by gaining TikTok likes that will increase your audience within cross-platform.  

Also, making a partnership with the influencers is perfectly ideal for your business, that too, if you’re focusing on the Gen Z audience, those who are unwilling to do any mythical advertisement. 

Then check whether your target audience combines up with their influencer’s audience? If so, then try to go hand in hand with their micro-influencer and influencer who work for your subject, and these who broadcast the same values as a brand. 

MAC cosmetics #YouOwnIt challenge is a perfect example of a successful collaboration with the influencers. The three influencers gained around 635,000 videos within six days, with 1.6 billion views. 

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6. Branded Lenses and Effects:

Users can ultimately change their social media environment. The TikTok platform accepts its users to build and include 2D and 3D Augmented Reality (AR) effects and lens. Moreover, making and launching your branded lenses is a unique way to enhance your business within the platform. Also, you can boost your user engagement and brand awareness. 

By using branded lenses, users can connect and play with your products. For instance, if your company produces cosmetics that start makeup and allows the users to utilize your products virtually. 

7. Brand Takeover:

Brand Takeover is a full-screen advertisement that appears on the screen for all its users. It can be 3 to 5 second GIFs, images, or 3-second videos.

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