Busting Myths Surrounding LMS Platforms

LMS has become an integral part of eLearning. Schools, corporates and other organisations are largely dependent on LMS. Schools use LMS for teaching, maintaining records, fee management, etc., while companies use LMS for onboarding employees, training them, etc. 

If you do not use LMS in your organisation, you are surely missing out on a lot of benefits. But unfortunately, many organisations hesitate on investing in an LMS because of the myths that surround it. This article aims at debunking all the misinformation that you have heard about LMS.

1. Expense, Not Investment 

You might have heard or yourself believe that an LMS is an expense and not an investment. This is not true. 

An expense is a cost incurred by a company that does not give them any return. And, investment is exactly the opposite. When organisations invest in something, they get returns; it generates future revenue. 

With the help of the LMS, organisations ease the process of transfer of knowledge as well as numerous other things. It helps you in finding out what is working in your favour and what is not and making changes accordingly.

If you believe that reducing the work of teachers and school administration is not an investment, you are completely making wrong assumptions. LMS is a smart investment, especially when learning is moving online. 

2. Only Delivers eLearning 

The other rumour surrounding LMS is that it is only capable of delivering eLearning which is completely baseless.

Online learning is a part of the LMS. The rumour might have been true in the past but now things have changed and all for the good. LMS portals facilitate live classes, automated attendance, fee management, admission management, performance analysis, etc. these platforms are more than one-dimensional learning tools. 

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The right LMS, such as Teachmint, comes with numerous features to make online learning fun and seamless.

3. Administration of LMS is a Lot of Work 

This is another myth that is wrong. LMS eases the administrative and management process and does not complicate it. Most of the LMS performs automated administrative work. The administrator just has to check and ensure that the data provided and the user interface is up-to-date. 

4. The Adoption is Challenging

When you do something for the first time, you always find it challenging. The same applies to LMS. however, the challenge here is only in the initial stage as it will be new to many. It is different and changes the learning scenario, only for the better. It enhances the learning of online learners. Its adoption helps a person who has the least knowledge about technology to learn new skills which is a good thing in this technologically advanced world. 

It is not a fairytale that you would be able to operate it with some magic spell. 

5. Not Time Critical 

This myth might be true if you do not use the resource to its best. If your organisation does not allow your learners to learn at their own pace, you will surely feel that the LMS is not working in your favour. 

You should focus on the effectiveness of your course. Make your teaching effective and you will surely get the results. 

Final Note

Sometimes myths and false information hold us back from trying out something that would be beneficial for us. Do not let these things hold you back and try it out for yourself to find out what is true and what works for you. Most of the LMS providers provide trial periods. Make use of it and decide on which LMS would be the best for you. 

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