Can a person live a normal life after a heart attack?

Can a person live a normal life after a heart attack?

A number of people often feel confused, scared and overwhelmed after suffering from a heart attack. This is because heart attack represents a life-changing event, in some cases, it also gives you a new life. After undergoing a heart attack treatment, you are likely to receive a number of instructions and information from your doctor. You must never ignore these instructions as they will help you in getting back to a normal routine at the quickest.

Life can be normal after a heart attack treatment, however, you are always required to keep a check on few things concerning your health and overall fitness.

Returning to a regular schedule:

You must not rush in getting back to your normal schedule right after undergoing heart attack treatment. You must always give some time to your recovery as it is the most important thing after major surgery. Thus, it is important to start slowly so that you can give your heart a chance to heal. You should also sign up to a cardiac rehabilitation program.

A path to an improved health:

There are various steps that you can take in order to recover from a heart attack and also prevents the chances of its recurrence in the future. This is called secondary prevention. It is important for you to understand the type of your heart disease. After understanding it and consulting the same with your doctor, it is suggested to take into consideration the following tips for a healthy and improved lifestyle:

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1. Quit smoking:

The use of tobacco makes way for a number of diseases, including heart disease. Tobacco damages the walls of blood vessels and also prevents oxygen and blood from reaching your heart and other organs. Thus, it is strictly recommended to give up smoking and other uses of tobacco after a heart attack treatment.

2. Control blood pressure:

High blood pressure puts a lot of stress on your heart and blood vessels. Thus, you must talk to your doctor about the management of blood pressure and must always control it to avoid the recurrence of heart attack. Controlling your levels of cholesterol is also suggested.

3. Check for diabetes:

Diabetes has a lot to do with your insulin hormone levels. Having diabetes always increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Thus, you must consult your doctor and arrange a screening for diabetes at regular intervals.

4. Exercise:

A regular session of exercise always keeps you fit and healthy. Regular cardio exercise makes your heart stronger as it helps your heart pump blood and delivery oxygen to all the parts of your body. Thus, a regular session of exercise is always recommended after a heart attack treatment.

5. Follow a heart-healthy diet:

Apart from exercising regularly, following a healthy diet is also recommended to keep your heart in a healthy state. Add foods to your diet which are low in cholesterol. Consume more fruits and vegetables and fewer high-fat dairy products.

6. Stress less:

It is also suggested to control your stress level in order to keep your heart healthy. You can surely get back to a normal routine if you follow the above-listed tips and take good care of your heart and body.

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