Can You Get Strep Throat Without Tonsils

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One of the first cause of Strep Throat is Swelling tonsils. That’s why someone cut Tonsils to reduce the Strep throat. So, can you get strep throat without tonsils?

As you know, strep throat is an infection condition that occurs whenever people exposed to adverse effects. Most of them have tonsillitis with some symptoms such a swelling, redness, painful and difficult to swallow. It is a discomfort feeling that makes much trouble in daily life. To solve this problem, one of an effective method removes tonsils. However, can you get strep throat without tonsil is the common question. It is also the primary goal of this article.

Can You Get Strep Throat Without Tonsils

The first thing, let find some causes of strep throat. 

Strep throat is a respiratory tract disease. It can cause by the virus, bacteria. They live outside the body. If they have changed, they will come into the body and cause strep throat. Some advantageous factor like a weather changes, polluted environment, bad habits, unclean foods, or other diseases.

Follow much research in the world, having tonsils increase the ability to get strep throat, especially in children.

What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Strep throat is a common respiratory tract disease which can occur at any age. Although Strep throat is a common disease, it can confuse with another disease. They are some main symptoms of strep throat below.

  1. Throat irritation: These are common symptoms and are also the first signs to show that you have a strep throat. The itchy, soreness feeling causes them to feel very upset as if something was in the throat. When this symptom occurs, the patient wants to spit, cough to push the throat in the outside.
  2. The mucosal surface is swelling, redness: When you have strep throat, the bacteria that cause respiratory diseases will hurt the surface of the larynx. It will lead to swollen mucous membranes and swelling.
  3. Painful in the throat: This is also a universal sign associated with throat irritation. The pain in the throat often occurs in a way, causing more trouble for patients. Someone swallow salvia also have depression.
  4. A dry cough: When you start having strep throat, You will have symptoms of a dry cough. These coughing spells will appear sporadically, infrequently. However, after a few days, the disease will progress complexly, the coughing will last longer, even cough phlegm and the time of coughing occurs most often at night and early morning. Dry coughing or coughing with sputum depends on the locomotive and the stage of the disease.
  5. Fever: Each person will have a different reaction to do with strep throat. Those people who will not show anything, but also patients with pharyngitis have a high fever, and the body temperature may increase from 3 to 8 degrees. Children with high fever should also be given particular attention to avoid the possible consequences of having a seizure, coughing persists and usually occurs at night.
  6. Symptoms of lymphadenopathy: Although It does not mean ordinary, in some cases they still appear some lymph nodes of the neck. Most of the situation, lymph node combined with high fever.
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Can you get strep throat without tonsils?

As you know before, swelling tonsils is a typical symptom of strep throat, but not at all strep throat also due to tonsillitis. If you usually get strep throat for many times in the year. On average 5-6 times per year, the doctor will suggest you cut off the tonsils. It can reduce the strep throat, especially in children. Not having tonsils can decrease strep throat; however, it can not finish strep throat. So the answer for “Can you get strep throat without tonsils”? is Yes.

How to treating Strep throat?

After answer question “Can you get strep throat without tonsils?’’, It is essential to know how to treat a Sore throat. If the cause of strep throat is bacteria, the doctor will give you antibiotics. Treatment process may be last for ten days; you will feel better and prevent complications. If the cause is the virus, you do not use antibiotics to treat.

Although using the antibiotic, strep throat still occurs more than five times per year. A doctor will recommend procedure “ tonsillectomy” to reduce server complications.

Besides antibiotics, you can try some home remedies for strep throat. One of them is honey with lemon. This mixture has antibacterial properties that can reduce strep throat symptoms. You prepare some slice of fresh Lemon, soak into syrup at least one day and take it to using. You also use apple cider vinegar to rinse your mouth every day. Ginger also useful in strep throat treatment. Drink free ginger tea in the morning or before going to sleep that can help you feel better. Another way, you can mix some ginger slices with warm water, some drops of honey add more. Use this mixture a few times per day, and It can be the best when you get strep throat related to flu or weather changes.

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How to prevent Strep throat?

To prevent respiratory disease and strep throat, you need to do something below:

  1. Hygiene for the body: Especially your hand carefully, the bacteria will no longer have the opportunity to contact, penetrate and attack to hurt the throat.
  2. Always protect the airway when exposed to the work environment, toxic environment, dust. It is best to wear a medical mask regularly.
  3. Weather is one of the typical cause of Strep Throat. Thus, when the weather changes suddenly, it’s essential to keep warm, especially sensitive places such as the throat, chest area, etc. Need to limit the maximum risk of the cold body.
  4. Limited using foods containing stimulants such as tobacco, beer, alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee … to avoid throat irritation and inflammation.
  5. Daily diets should ensure the proper balance of nutrients needed to supplement the body’s best nutritional ingredients. From there, the organization has an immune system as well as the best resistance.
  6. Besides, people should actively exercise, training to the body has the best resistance.

In general, Strep throat occurs mainly in children. However, adult and older people also get strep throat. The immune system is different from each other. That’s why you should wear a mask when exposed or communicate with diseased-person to protect yourself.

We showed you answer “Can you get strep throat without tonsils’’ and some problem around this disease before. Hope you can find out sufficient information in this article.

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