Carrying Your Luggage Wisely: 5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Posture with Flair

A spare of this, an extra amount of that along with several pairs of sneakers for a weekend trip, and your baggage can hardly zip up. With luggage so full, and you are left with nothing to wear.

Women must be ready for anything, particularly when traveling, and usually, that includes dragging all of our fashion and beauty essentials around. So if the bags you bought leave you feeling sore and tired, then I believe it is the right time to rethink how you carry them.Carrying Your Luggage Wisely: 5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Posture with Flair

Determine How Much You Must Carry

It is vital to recognize your limits when it comes to the exact weight of your baggage. An effective rule of thumb to follow is having the total amount of your luggage weight below 15% of your total body weight.

While your spiritual lady boss will be happy of you for successfully carrying an irrational amount of gadgets and clothes around, carrying and dragging a weight more than you are capable of is merely harmful to your posture and spine.

You Should Consider Luggage Type

If two-wheeler luggage is your go-to touring item, you may need to think again, because lugging that heavy item behind you is a huge stress on the shoulder.

A four-wheel suitcase or carry-on, to the contrary, can safely be rolled near your side. Keeping the luggage close to your body can help in eliminating unnecessary muscle and spinal stress so you will be more likely to reach your destination free from pain.

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Pack the Bags Correctly

We know you desire to put everything from additions to your favorite little black dress in your bag. But as difficult as it is to slim down your travel needs days in advance, it is best to pack as mildly as possible.

Pack according to your plans and not for the events you think might transpire. So if you recognize that trekking is not on your list, then leave the hiking boots at home.

And while you are at it, try to balance out the bags by packing weighty items at the bottom of the bag or keeping the weight distributed throughout your baggage evenly.

Lift and Carry Like A Pro

You may have heard it before, but I will tell you again: Remember to always lift with your legs.

Whether you are picking up your bags from baggage claim carousel or putting it into the trunk of your car, any severe, heavy lifting must be done through the legs and never through the back.

Trade in your bag for a smart backpack (and yes, you need to wear the bag on both shoulders) to spread the weight equally. However, if you rather go with a cross body or a shoulder bag, remember to frequently alternate the shoulder you carry it on to avoid damaging one side of the body.

Prepare For the Difficult Task

Manage the time before the journey and try stretching your body and loosen up your limbs. Get yourself set to carry your heavy luggage from house to airport to hotel or lodging and back again.

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You will also need to keep a strong core. Engaging your abdominal muscles while carrying heavy luggage will help to protect your spine while promoting a healthy posture.


Whether you can carry your luggage easily, always remember to take a rest and check out some excellent bags in Luggage Online. Rolling and carrying around your belongings in a few pieces of luggage is always a strenuous activity.

Encourage yourself to take a break from the lifting, lugging and pulling, particularly when you feel it beginning to cause deleterious effects on your body. In the end, your goal is to reach your destination in the best condition possible.

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