5 Best Tips to Ace CBSE Class 11 Maths Exam

CBSE Class 11 Maths Exam

The CBSE annual exams are right around the corner, and students by now should have finished their preparations for all subjects. The Class 11 final examinations are conducted by respective schools. These exams are important in the academic journey of every student. If students are still confused about how to begin preparations and what to refer to while studying, this article will help you. So, keep reading!

Of all the subjects, Mathematics is usually regarded as a very important and high-scoring subject for all classes. When it comes to scoring marks in mathematics exams, students primarily require only two things, a clear understanding of all the key concepts present in the syllabus and, secondly, problem-solving abilities. These can be improved by practising to solve a lot of problems regularly.

For Class 11 Maths, the best resource to learn all the basic and key concepts is from the NCERT textbook for Class 11 Mathematics. All the concepts are neatly explained, along with suitable examples. Besides, solving the exercise-wise problems present in each chapter can significantly develop concept strength and improve confidence when solving problems during exams.

Students searching for an online guide to solve the exercise problems of NCERT textbook for Class 11 Maths and also to clarify doubts instantly, the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths is undoubtedly the best guide for the purpose.

Here are a few reasons why students must choose NCERT Solutions:

  1. All the solutions are designed by individual subject experts having vast experience in the academic field.
  2. Solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE guidelines and marking schemes.
  3. Stepwise explanations are provided for easy understanding.
  4. Students can refer to these solutions without any time restrictions since its available in both online and offline modes.
  5. One-stop solution to access all the chapter-wise and exercise-wise answers.
  6. Apt resource for all revision purposes.
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Scoring the desired marks in a critical examination is a dream for every student. Here are some best tips to help the dream come true for the Class 11 Maths examination.

1. Know the complete syllabus

This ensures that no topic or concept is missed out during preparations and hence increases the chances of scoring full marks.

2. Practise

There is no shortcut to score high marks in a maths examination. All it takes is practise and hard work to ace the exam.

3. Preparing smarty

Investing more time for important and high mark-weightage chapters during preparations ensures scoring the majority of the marks.

4. Solving the previous year and sample question papers

The best way to improve problem-solving skills and time management skills. Also, students can self-assess their weaker areas and focus on their improvement.

5. Making notes

Writing down the important formulae and jotting down the key concepts present in each chapter can benefit during quick or last-minute revisions.

Further, to maximise the chance of scoring high or full marks in the Class 11 Maths examination, students can also solve RD Sharma problems using the RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions. Solving problems of RD Sharma improves concept clarity, strengthens problem-solving skills and builds up confidence when attempting difficult problems. Thus, by keeping in mind the tips mentioned above,  students can prepare wisely and score well in their examinations.

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