Celebrate Women’s Day in Flurys to Relive Some Memories with The Women of Your Life

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Did you meet your better-half years ago amidst the hustle-bustle in Flurys? Was the first birthday cake for your daughter from Flurys? Is your mother hooked on the Choco truffle cake from Flurys? Or do you fondly remember your first date at Flurys where you treated the girl with only rum balls because of cash crunch during college days? If not all, some of these can be your reality too. In some way or the other, our equations with the women of our lives have been closely connected to Flurys. After all, Flurys has been one of the best bakeries and confectioneries in Kolkata. It is considered to be a true gem, a trademark of Kolkata’s heritage and cultural significance. It is not just responsible for treating us to some of the most lip-smacking delicacies but also weaving intricate relationships. So, this Women’s Day, celebrate every woman in your life with Flurys and how Flurys left a special mark on your relationships with them.

online cake delivery

You can either pay a visit to their different outlets across the city or even get an online cake delivery in Kolkata from them as you may please. Here, we have a few ways in which Flurys may have helped you build that strong connection with the women of your lives. Take a look.

Relive “Sneaky Dessert Moments” with the Mother

Do you remember walking down Park Street just before Christmas with your mother and gazing up at the beautiful string of lights? Amidst the busy streets and a pool of people, all your eyes could see was that sleek, pink writing in cursive that said Flurys because you knew that inside those glass doors was a dessert treasure that would be devoured by your mother and you in minutes. Right from the variety of lip-smacking cakes, rum balls, pastries to the chocolate pouches, you always had a gala time with your mother. In fact, that gave birth to this wonderful friendship that still exists between the two of you right now. So, take your mother out this Women’s Day and relive those sneaky moments you two would often steal from your life to have a quick bite of the delicious desserts out there.

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Relish Your Love Story That May Have Begun at Flurys

Were you and your wife college mates and would often rush to Flurys after bunking class? And, did you fall in love with each other over drinking several cups of coffee and sharing multiple plates of the cube pastries? Or was it an arranged marriage and the first time you met was at this legendary cake shop and confectionery of Kolkata? There have been so many times that Flurys bore witness to or even may have started a love story in this ‘City of Joy’. So, if it has something to do with the person you are standing beside right now, then don’t waste your time. If it all started at Flurys, celebrate the woman and her position in your life right here at Flurys. Take your lovely wife on a date, gorge on the rum balls and pastries, or even gift her one of the chocolate pouches. Relive that very day when you two met or even realized that you are meant to be with each other.

Give Your Daughter a Deja vu Moment at Flurys

The feeling one has when they first become a father or a mother is priceless. Therefore, the first birthday of a child is definitely special. And nothing is more grand and extravagant than ordering the first birthday cake of your child from none other Flurys. If your daughter has been lucky enough to get her first cake ever from this iconic place, then why don’t you do a little déjà vu for her? This Women’s Day, take your daughter back to Flurys and order the same cake once again to celebrate her presence in your life and tell her how she changed your life for the better. She might not remember how it was back then and the photos might be the only reference but it will still be great to gorge on that rich cake together and have an amazing Daddy-Daughter time.

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Flurys is the best cake and chocolates shop in Kolkata. So, indeed, it will be strongly entangled with all the special moments of our lives. And this time, it is time to unleash the “Flurys moments” we have cherished all this while with the women of our lives. Happy Women’s Day!

Author Bio: Kajal Agarwal, a food blogger with many articles on the chocolates shop in Kolkata, here writes on how to celebrate Women’s Day with the women of your lives in Flurys, the best cake shop in Kolkata that now offers online cake delivery in Kolkata.

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