Chakras And How To Handle Them

Chakras And How To Handle Them

There are numerous chakras that are present in our body but we consider mainly 7 or them for the purpose of healing. These seven chakras are stationed from the bottom of spinal cord i.e. coccyx bone to the top part of the head from all the way to spinal cord. All of these chakras have been given some names based on their positions as follows:

  • Root Chakra
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Pleaxus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra

Chakra healing is based on striking a balance between the spirit, the body, health and earth, grounding and universality. There are various techniques which are used for maintaining this balance:

Chakras And How To Handle Them

  1. Chakra Meditation:

Chakra meditation is done by understanding the cause and the effect of the emotions in our body. Healing the cause involves brining one’s attention to the state of complete awareness. For healing the effects there are various guided meditation practices that are helpful- White Chakra light meditation, Inner Vision Meditation etc. At Mind Valley Academy these meditation practices are imparted through there video tutorials that one can take up from their home at any comfortable time. Chakra healing is done through meditation with proper instructions and guidance.

  1. Affirmations:

One of the most powerful ways of doing Chakra healing is through the Affirmations. These are the positive statements that are used to imbibe the energies of strengthening and healing ourselves. One statement at a time is used to create the effect of healing.

  1. Massage based balancing:

Massaging is done keeping in mind the position of the chakras in such a way that the blood circulation improves on these points. When the blood cells get activated in those chakra points, the Chakra healing generates.

  1. Vibration through the colours:
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Just like the colour therapy, Chakra healing is also carried out through the colours and their aura. Each colour has a different vibration and energy radiation that have significant effect on our mood, emotions, thoughts and actions. The practitioner is guided about these auras and energies to create the harmony and balance in their co-existence. They are instructed to use these colours in their house, work place by different ways. One can even wear different colours to generate the vibrations for the power of healing through them.

  1. Music based healing:

Various sound waves come at varying frequencies. These musical sounds with different frequencies are used to create healing of chakras. As per their position, these chakras respond to sound waves and get healed. Some of the popular techniques to do Chakra healing through music are – Solfeggio and use of Tibetan singing bowls.

  1. Chakra Stones:

The chakra stones consist of specific vibrations and colours which are used significantly for varying chakras. It is mentioned that most of the stones are specified for some certain chakras only but there are a few used for healing multiple chakras too such as Clear quartz stone.

  1. Yoga:

Yoga is directly linked with the presence of Chakras in our body. There are various Yoga asanas and postures which are used to give maximum momentum and stability to the chakras to generate positive energy through them. Practices such as pranayam are used for allowing maximum oxygen to reach the chakras and bring about vitality and freshness in life.

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