Change Of Definition – “The Beauty”

Modern sense of beauty


In earlier time the definition of beauty was not only from outer side of the body, but from inner-side and status as well. Centuries ago, at the times of kings, the beauty consisted of the status, use of precious stones like diamonds, gold and other expensive things, clothes made from pure silk and other expensive materials, and the natural beauty, of-course. At that time, if a lady or a girl if from a royal family, (as queen or princess), she was considered as the most beautiful lady in the empire. They were provided with the best stuff and material ever available. These things helped in enhanced their natural beauty. But with the passage of time, the meaning of beauty got changed and its beauty also moved on.

Modern sense of beauty

Even in Countries like India, the royal ladies were considered as the most beautiful ladies. They were provided with the best beauty material and clothes they needed. But the common people were not considered that much beautiful as they didn’t had much resources and money to buy and get those expensive things.

Change of trends

As the time moved on, the sense of beauty and its meaning also got changed. With the development in industrialization, machines, science and technologies, and efficient transportation systems, the beauty material, jewels and other stuff were made easily accessible to the common people across the globe as well. Also science and technology helped beauticians and cosmetologist to research and experiments and come out with the best outcomes as possible in the field of beauty and wellness. Science also helped those scientists to get the best benefits of nature and chemicals for beauty. Easy transportation helped in transporting of raw material used for making beauty and cosmetic materials as well as the final and finished products from one end to another end. Bulk production of cosmetics in industries and bulk transportation of these products also helped in improving cost efficiency to transport these things which made them to be as easy available and cheaper than before. So as all the people (being from royal family or common people), got access to these things, the completion in the field of beauty and wellness also got increased. People started to concentrate on beauty as well along with other essential things.



After seeing the massive increase in number of beauty cosmetics users and its tremendous growth trends, many companies like lakme, loreal, garnier, elle18 took advantage and came out with different cosmetic materials such as lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara, nail polish, beauty creams and many more. These things enhanced the demands for beauty products event at more gigantic levels. This increase in demand helped them making huge sales and profits with increase in sales and expanding businesses on the global levels. These things gave a huge chance to jewellery, accessories and clothing companies to come up and bring some changes in field of beauty and fashion.


India also took part in the field of beauty through its all natural remedies base called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is known for its long term benefits without any side-effects. It is being used since centuries ago, a long before time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. At those times, Rishi-munis and hakims were known to be the specialist in terms of Ayurveda. Ayurveda helped Indian people to take benefits from nature’s flora and fauna in the field of science, health and beauty wellness. According to the Ayurveda, some spices, flowers, honey, milk, and many other natural products are known for their beauty and health factors and provide long term and natural beauty and benefits. Ayurveda is being used since centuries in India and also it got spread across the globe as well.

Modern sense of beauty

Modern sense of beauty

Beauty has got changed on huge in today’s world. It has got a major change in its meaning now. Now earlier beauty was considered as a natural thing but now It has got a completely new and different meaning. Now beauty considers natural beauty along with over-all personality of a person. From being beautiful to having funky and trending fashion sense, it has got all. clothes, accessories, jewellery and many other things has altered the nature of beauty. Zero size figures, best make up product available has also became an essential parts of the beauty. Now people has also started to imitate each other and many celebrities. Common people now started to admire stars and celebrity in terms of fashion and beauty and want to become like them. by seeing this, beauty products companies started to hire and use these known celebrities in their products ad and also for promotions.

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Modern sense of beauty

New things came up

Beauty has given birth to new trends as well. People now started to look after their body and wellness as well. They’ve started to exercise more to have attractive bodies and looks and making their bodies look slimmer and fit. People also started to use natural products and ways to look beautiful. For e.g.- they started to drink more water as it helps on their skin to look more glowing and fresh. But many people also have started to depend upon artificial ways to look beautiful such cosmetic products. These products make them look beautiful temporarily but over usage of these products also gives side-effects to their skin and other body parts. These beauty cosmetic products made them forgetting their natural beauty. These artificial and machine made cosmetic products are made up of chemicals which can be toxic in nature and also can provide many kinds of allergies to its user. so it is always recommendable to always use these products in limits.

Piercing and tattoos

In many parts of the globe, people take help of piercing and tattoos to look attractive and beautiful. But these ways are not good as they has got their own problems and side-effects as well. They can lead to many health problems and allergies as well.

Conclusion –

So it is always recommendable to admire the natural beauty but not artificial beauty because it is temporary and won’t last long for-ever.

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