Chief Learning Officer- The New Talent Management Superstar in your Organization

Chief Learning Officer

It’s time for the CHROs across the world to sit up and take notice. The Chief Learning Officer will be the star of your team, pushing up employee engagement and motivation, while at the same time, making way for more attractiveness to the employer brand, playing a bigger role in talent acquisition and, well, making the organization far more efficient and effective.

Chief Learning Officer

The responsibilities of the Chief Learning Officer in today’s competitive and digitally connected world cannot be underrated. There are several cases of CLOs implementing employee learning and development programs within the organization that have paved the way for a drastic reduction in employee turnover, among various other benefits.

The role of the Chief Learning Officer Worldwide in fact, is more important today than it ever was. The Modern Chief learning officers worldwide are tech savvy, focus on greater functions of talent management than mere corporate training of yesteryear. They are increasingly gaining superstar status, enhancing the organizational culture while shaving off costs of learning and development across the organization.

An important consideration in this particular regard is the modern workforce. The young employees across the world today want knowledge and learning on an anytime, anywhere basis. A direct result of this has been increased adoption of technology platforms that facilitate anytime, anywhere skill acquisition.

The talent market has also significantly dried up, and talent with technical skills and within budget are not always available within budget. This is precisely where the Chief Learning Officer comes into the picture. Business owners are also increasingly getting into the practice of hiring the talent that is easily available out there in the market and then relying on the Chief Learning Officer to train, orient and develop them into a skilled workforce.

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In a particular case of a large IT Cloud Computing Technology company, the Chief learning officer is considered a strategic partner who is also in charge of organizational culture, and, resultantly, customer service.

Some of the important pointers for The New CLO that sets it apart from conventional Talent Management are:

  1. They are able to identify and cater to the talent needs and the organizational needs. Their capability to shift their focus interchangeably between these two are often a crucial part of their responsibilities
  2. CLOs develop learning platforms and modules that increasingly are able to cater to the needs of a multi locational workforce. This distributed architecture of learning and development is an important trend and phenomenon of the modern CLOs
  3. They identify the performance metrics of business success and employee success. They are able to propagate the overall development of the organizational culture, as a result.
  4. They also provide for mentoring and overall development of the employees. Employee loyalty, as a result is greatly enhanced and the overall motivation to succeed, the most important factor for employee engagement, is well developed.

CLOs are the new stars of the people practice departments in organizations worldwide. They have, indeed, come a long distance from just being the organizers of corporate training programs.

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