Classic Cars Often Overlooked

Classic Cars Often Overlooked

When it comes to classic cars it seems people tend to opt for the same model over and over, leaving some real top deserving cars out in the cold. There are so many cars to choose from that it’s easy to understand how some models end up living in the shadows of more popular versions.

But we thought there are many which deserve to be highlighted and brought out into the light so we worked with Emily at to compile a list of the most frequently overlooked classic cars when it comes to the buyers’ market.

Classic Cars Often Overlooked


  • The BMW M635CSi


This was one of the first BMW M cars and came with a great driving experience but it is largely overlooked thanks to its brothers the four-door M5 and the smaller compact M3 models so is very often left behind.


  • The Mazda RX-7


We are talking about the first generation of the RX-7 sports car which tends to get overlooked while it’s younger third generation cousin seems to achieve all the attention from collectors.


  • The Subaru SVX


This model from Subaru was created in the 1990s as a grand touring vehicle with a futuristic appearance for the time however, it has failed to achieve classic collection status beyond an obscure cult-type following.


  • The Porsche 944


While many Porsche models do make it into classic collections, this one often gets passed by because of the engine in the front and the links with Volkswagen.


  • The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
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While other well-known VW models are in every classic collection it would seem, this model is always in the background. It’s a great looking Volkswagen but is still missing out on the collectors’ front.


  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan


This was one of the first sports sedans created and as Alfa are bringing out a new version it’s a great time to revisit the old classic model which doesn’t get the attention it deserves, despite its four cylinder twin cam engine.


  • The Mercury Cougar


This long forgotten brother to the Ford Mustang is always left on the side-lines.  The first generation model has almost the same inside as a Mustang, with an executive exterior – what’s not to like?


  • The BMW E3


While the BMW E9 are beloved classics, the E3s – the sedan versions of the range, don’t often meet with the same love. However they come with great looks and power so should be up there with the other classics.


  • The Fiat 600


While the Fiat 500 has become an icon and even been revived recently, its larger brother the Fiat 600 doesn’t attract quite so much attention despite being quite cool in its own right.


  • The Volkswagen Scirocco


This is yet another Volkswagen classic which has ended up living in the shadow of the Beetle and the Vans when it comes to attention from classic collector enthusiasts.


  • The AMC AMX


Famous for making muscle cars during the 1960s and 1970s, AMC classic cars never quite get the same attention as some of the bigger brand models. However, the two-seater AMX is still a really cool car.

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  • The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4


This particular Ferrari often ends up living in the shadows of other more popular models, despite its classic lines and amazing handling.

There are hundreds of classic cars out there to choose from so why is it that some models end up making the classic collectors jump to a frenzy and become worth thousands of pounds, while others disappear into the shadows?

Even the most prestigious premium brands have some models which make it as collectibles and others which fade into obscurity. Our list includes names like Ferrari, BMW and Porsche, which surprisingly all have models which are frequently overlooked when it comes to classic cars.

When buying a classic car it pays to do your research and not just go for the most well-known brand or model, after all, hundreds of cars are created every year so there is a much wider variety out there to choose from than you might think at first.

Classic car doesn’t have to mean predictable, or a hefty price tag – investing in a lesser known model could mean you end up with a car that is incredibly rare years down the line as other people won’t have considered buying one, so it could prove to be a good investment.

So, if you are looking for a classic car and want something which stands out from the crowd, is more unusual, attracts attention for all the right reasons – but without the hefty price tag, not to mention incredibly high insurance premiums, then some of the overlooked models featured in our list could be exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for.

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