Clothes Peg- History And Interesting Facts About It

Clothes Peg- History And Interesting Facts About It

There are so many little things that we use in our day-to-day life. They are so tiny that we almost don’t realise the importance of it. For example, have you ever though how important cloth pegs are? And what would you have done without them? Now stop laughing and just think about it! Yeah, there it is!

Clothes Peg- History And Interesting Facts About It

Cloth pegs have had their own history of invention and evolution. Yes, a thing that small too has a huge history. There are different materials of cloth pegs available and they are available on the online stores as well. So, you can easily buy clothes pegs online.

But before you get to it, let us look into its history for a bit and how did they come into existence.

What we generally refer to as clips or pins is called clothespin in the US and clothes peg in the UK. It is used to keep the clothes on the rope while drying it out. Now imagine washing clothes and hanging them out on the rope for a little sunshine and coming back to only find them on the floor. To avoid such a situation, one must always use clothes peg.


The shape and design of the clothes peg has evolved a lot in the past. The earliest mention of a clothes peg can be found in the early 19th century. Back in the days, people dried out their laundry in the bushes or ropes. This was the time one saw a cloth pin for the very first time. These days the clothes pin has a spring and comes in different materials. But back in the days, they didn’t have a spring. They were made up of wood. Slowly and steadily evolution did its miracle on them too and today you will find a number of clothes peg at a very affordable price.

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In the past years, you might come across quite a few names that take credits in having the clothes peg evolve from its original state. Names like David M. Smith, Solon E. Moore are common in the world of clothes peg evolution.

But apart from this, there are so many other fun fact information related to clothes peg.

  1. Did you know people celebrate May 6th as humble clothes peg day and people observe it as a holiday in the UK?
  2. The first ever clothes peg day celebration happened in Stockton in the year 2003.
  3. Also, there is very famous sculpture that is named clothespin that was sculpted in the year 1976.
  4. Did you also know that clothespin is very effectively used in the process of filmmaking?
  5. They are also used in the production of stringed musical instruments.

So, now I guess you won’t see clothes peg as a useless item. Also, many people like to do art and craft stuff with them you could also bring out your inner artist. Hurry up and buy pegs online in India at affordable rates.

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