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International Brands Perfumes

Finding the right fragrance suitable to one’s personality is always a tough task. What smells great on someone else might not smell the same on you or the other way around. Fragrances are quite unique, made carefully using fine quality ingredients mixing very precise quantities of essences for creating those marvellous scents. Each creation has a story or an inspiration behind it which if used otherwise can turn out to be a disaster. If you wish to stand out from the crowd of perfume users, Colour Me fragrances are just right for you.

Designed for the unique personalities, Colour Me fragrance range has vibrant scents that will boost your personality in every mood. All the fragrances available with the brand are created to match various moods and moments, giving the fragrance users something personal. Popular perfumers create these fragrances from the brand carefully using high-quality ingredients from across the world. The brand offers fragrances for women as well as men, giving both the sexes a fabulous scent to match their personalities.

International Brands Perfumes

For women, there are variants like Purple, Pink, Flowers, Red, Sky Blue, Pearl, Gold Femme, Midnight Blue, Neon Pink, and Diamond. While for men, there are variants like Oud, Black, Gold Homme, Silver, Sports Silver, Musk, Green, Blue, Volt and White.

Variants for women are available in three categories – 100ml bottles of Eau de Parfum, 50 ml bottles of Parfum de Toilette and 150 ml can of body spray. On the other hand, the variants for men are also available in three categories – 90 ml bottles of eau de toilette, 50 ml bottles of eau de toilette and 150 ml can of body spray.

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One can find their favourite fragrance from the brand easily without any doubt. If you are looking for a scent for active lifestyle Sky Blue and Purple for women and Sports Silver and Green for men are best choices. For sensual moments, Colour Me Red, Gold Femme and Gold Homme are best picks. Pink, Flowers, and Pearl are very delicate matching your gentle, chirpy and happy personality, perfect for everyday use for college and office going women.

Colour Me Perfume

Oud, Black, Musk and White bring out the masculine alpha male in you adding that much-needed charm when you step out for college and office. For that zesty twist to your personality bringing out the bold in you, Neon Pink for women and Volt for men are best options available.

Some of the popular Colour Me fragrance variants are available in gift packs as well containing 90 ml Eau de Toilette and 150ml body spray for men packed in a sturdy coloured case. The variants available for women contain 100 ml Eau de Parfum and 150 ml body spray packed in a sturdy hued case. You can gift them to anyone who loves a good scent and prefers to use international scents for the best experience. Don’t forget to wrap it up and put a bow on it!

What makes the Colour Me perfumes and body sprays remarkable is the promise of giving 6-hour long fragrance. This can be your next go-toscent whenever you plan a really long day and do not have time to freshen up. For enhancing your fragrance experience, you can layer your scent. Apply the Colour Me Online Perfumes Store and layer it with body spray of the similar fragrance or variant, adding the much-needed boost to it. If you know your perfume right, you can use different fragrances of Colour Me to create unique scents. Grab these fabulous fragrances and enjoy a whole new world of perfume!

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