Common Mistakes When Cleaning the Interior of the Car

Cleaning the Interior of the Car

Cleaning the car is an activity that, sooner or later, ends up touching us and it is much better to do it periodically than to wait until it is all dirty. In this way, it will cost us less work to do the interior cleaning of cars.

Errors we make when cleaning the inside of the car

Although when we touch clean the interior of the car we do it with the best possible intention, often we make mistakes that can end up damaging the upholstery.

For example, however good it may be, we should never use soap for clothes or a dishwasher for upholstery. Sometimes, these products have chemical ingredients that are usually quite aggressive for the fabric or for some plastics.

Another quite common mistake is to use scouring pads or sponges for the dishes; they are also very aggressive for both upholstery and for plastics, wood and any other material. Despite this, it is a fairly common mistake among many people.

Drying the car with a blow dryer is not always a good idea. The heat generated by this device can end up damaging the different elements of the car. If we use it on an element that is stuck, we may end up detaching the tail.

The upholstery could be damaged if the heat is applied directly; it is best to put the dryer at a safe distance to avoid too much drying of the fabric and cracking. Another tip, you should never apply heater heat on leather upholstery.

When cleaning the interior of the car it is normal that we have a bucket of water nearby, error. We must have at least three buckets, one for dirt, another to rinse it and another to moisten it again with clean water. If we use dirty water … how do we intend to leave the car clean?

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The best thing, in any case, is to forget to make mistakes by trusting our vehicle in the car cleaning experts.

Aspects that can help you keep your car clean

Cleanliness is fundamental in all aspects of our lives and is a mirror of how we are and where we can see some of the features of our personality, the interest we have in things and how we take care of them. In this moment in which we are and in which the aspect is valued so much, we cannot leave out such simple things as cleaning the upholstery of the car.

Having a clean car, both inside and out, can be a good calling card when we go to a job interview; we have an appointment with someone special or even if we have to take someone in the car. Can you imagine what they can think of you if they see that your car is dirty and made a mess?

With a small gesture such as cleaning the car, we can save ourselves from having a bad time because of that laziness or the lack of time we usually have with our pace of life. In a matter of minutes a professional can leave us the car in optimal conditions, which will not only help us to have a better presence but to make the car last longer because we will be preventing the formation of rust, the loss of color intensity of the painting, etc.

We should not neglect those important aspects of our car like the sheet metal, the upholstery, the dashboard, the wheels, wheels and even the engine. The accumulation of dirt is never good and can damage different parts of the car, especially the engine too, something that can cause many mechanical breakdowns.

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As happens when we have our house clean and tidy, we enjoy maximum comfort, we do the same with the car and we will always drive much more comfortable. What is your excuse for not having a clean car?

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