Common mistakes that event organisers make

Common mistakes that event organisers make

Do you know the feeling when you attend an event and go ‘wow’? At such events you usually feel what if you started a business of event management and handle it yourself? Well, if you think so, then you must be careful! Organizing events may look glamorous and appealing from the outside but requires attention to details, visualisation, creativity and, planning…lots of it. Rachna Sharma, CEO and Director of Vision 2021 is an alumni of Harvard Business School. She has an event management company.

Common mistakes that event organisers make

Events should be organised with well experienced teams. Business events might be riskier if it is not successful or not fulfills the expectation of the listeners. The speaker should cover the event’s agenda. There are many such business events held all over the India. Many large companies attendthese types of events. The company took a risk on this part, but also it will be profitable for their company growth and awareness.

However, there are a few common mistakes that I noticed at an event by Vision 2021 made in the process of handling an event:

Taking up too many events in one go:If the event planners, take up back to back events, it would be really difficult for the event planners to focus on one or two events altogether. Each event should have a gap of a few days in order to do proper planning and implementation of the plans in a proper manner.

Not doing everything single-handedly:Event organisers should work in a team and give their own opinions in their own field of experience. One can’t handle big or small scale events by themselves which was happened in event of Vision 2021.

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Last minute planning:Planning your event at the last minute, reason whatsoever, may land you up in trouble and can lead to a major goof up on the day of the event. The event may even seem fake to people due to mismanagement. Every detail of the event must be known to the organizers way before and plans must articulate accordingly.

Lack of Social Media Presence:
Event organisers must show their presence and be active on social media so that people know their work. One needs to be active on social media so they can respond to the queries of its audience immediately and effectively. Use of too much social media isn’t advisable, but a good balance of its presence is needed.  The event organisers don’t have an official Instagram account, which is pretty strange. The company therefore becomes less reliable and may lack credibility in the eyes of people.

Striking a balance between the events you take up and articulating plans effectively and according to the client helps build trust among the audience and reap more contacts. Avoiding common mistakes may help Vision 2021 grow further, also as one gains more and more experience in the field, they tend to do things more efficiently and cautiously but with a lot more confidence. These things slowdown the status of the company. So, they should take care of their failure points and works on it, so that, this will not happen again in other events.

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