Complete review of Taco bell for Mexican food lover- Tellthebell

Complete review of Taco bell for Mexican food lover

I am a big fan of taco wraps and also crazy about all types of Mexican food. But when it’s about choosing the perfect place to dine out Mexican food my favorite one is taco bell. Their menu includes burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tacos and sweets which are amazing foods to eat. But here we are going to discuss what are their best foods which we can try out. We will not only cover their major menu section but also favorite among them.

Complete review of Taco bell for Mexican food lover

Nowadays they are conducting surveys for their customers where you can participate in their sweepstakes by answering a few questions. After buying the food keep the receipt with you there you will find the survey code to enter the sweepstakes. Here is the complete guide how to participate in the survey tellthebell

If you are the winner of the taco bell survey you could win $500 cash prize so it is a good opportunity for all the taco bell customers.

Best Deal in Dollar Craving 

Their dollar craving is quite popular but many people have shared their feedback that most of the item under this list is totally waste. So if we are visiting taco bell we should be aware of what are the best items to order.

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1. Shredded chicken mini Quesadilla

The shredded chicken of this item is amazing and it has the perfect balance of spice and cheese. And the quantity is also enough for one person probably it could be your best deal in $1.

2. Cinnamon Twist

This sweet and crunchy dessert is also one of the best items in dollar craving which you should order and it has a sharp taste of cinnamon. Compare to most of the other items we rated cinnamon twist the second most valuable item in dollar craving.

3. Cheesy roll up

We all had the cheesy roll in our school days and this is no different than those we had eaten in our childhood. A perfect small meal you can try any item and also one of the best deal in $1 to try at taco bell. it contains the tortilla completely filled with cheese which has a delicious taste.

4. Spicy Tostada

Now tostada is hitting at number 4 but it does not mean its value is lower than the others those who are a fan of tostada they will find worth under dollar craving. Fried beans with a perfect match with tomato and lettuce just take a bite and you will find why this item is so hot.

5. Triple layer nachos

Nachos are very common and I tried in many places but none of them are closer to taco bell and this is also leading in dollar craving list. The three layers of sauce make this dish so flavor full that you will definitely visit again. The only concern I had with this item is related to quantity but it could be the reason for my big appetite else this is a perfect item under this list.

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Best deal in Drinks

In drinks, they have 21 different varieties but I loved only some of them which I am going to share with you. However, it could vary from person to person but it is my opinion which I would like share with my audience.

 Orange juice

Orange juice is one of my most favorite items under the drink section and also the best deal. It tastes completely fresh and delicious. Apart from orange juice, there are the following drinks which I like the most.

Gatorade fruit punch

Brisk Mango fiesta

Premium hot coffee

Lipton unsweetened iced tea

Best deal in Breakfast

In the breakfast section I liked two items for that I am going to share the details.

1. Grande scrambler combo

This could be your perfect meal for the breakfast as it includes Hash-brown, Grande scrambler and a medium fountain drink of your choice. The taste of potatoes and onions will melt in your mouth. along with this, the fluffy eggs adding more weight to my Grande scrambler. It was completely rich and buttery whereas a crunchy taste of bacon was altogether a new food experience

2. Breakfast crunchy wrap combo

Double layer of seasoned beef, cheese, nacho and crunchy tostada along with lettuce and sour cream grilled and wrapped by tomatoes. It found the more filling as compared to regular one and Cinnabon balls were filled with warm sweetened cream similar like a donut but softer. Along with this, you can also choose one of your desired fountain drinks.

Best deal in Specialities

We would like to review one more section of their food and that is specialties, where there are 11 different items, are available. I have head most of the items on this list are delicious but after tasting all of them I found only two of them are worth the money. Some of the items are common which we have already covered so we are not going to consider them. Such as crunch wrap supreme and cheesy roll up.

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1. Fiesta Taco salad

You must be surprised seeing the salad in taco bell menu list but yes this one of the most popular item in their specialty list which is worth trying. And their beef version is really awesome one to taste the deep fried tortilla with creamy jalapeno goes really well with sour cream, cheese tomatoes, salsa, and rice.  And the quantity is really huge for a single person for me it was a complete meal.

2.  Power menu bowl veggie

This one is really perfect if you want more nutrition value in your diet. It has sour cream, guacamole, cheese, seasoned rice, romaine lettuce, avocado ranch sauce and pica de Gallo. this is not only a complete meal but also a plate full of nutrition. You can also upgrade this with onions, nacho cheese sauce, creamy jalapeno sauce, seasoned beef, potatoes, Fritos, beans and shredded chicken.


If you are a Mexican food lover we would highly recommend visiting taco bell and trying out the above-mentioned items. They are not only delicious but worth the price and apart from this now you can also participate in their surveys where they are offering $500 cash prize to their customers. If you are lucky enough your bills for next couple of month would be free of cost.

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